Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs Explained

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs Explained

The process referred to​ as​ dual diagnosis is​ one that describes people that have been diagnosed with a​ mental illness in​ addition to​ a​ chemical dependency of​ some sort. the​ presence of​ a​ chemical dependency makes it​ extremely difficult to​ treat mental illness, and​ vice versa. Thus dual diagnosis is​ more intensive than ordinary chemical dependency or​ brain related treatment.

Though it​ all looks scary, it​ is​ actually not as​ serious as​ it​ sounds, and​ dual diagnosis is​ usually effective. Studies have shown that at​ least half of​ the​ population that are victims of​ any sort of​ addiction also suffer from mental illness, and​ there is​ a​ high probability that mentally ill folks will eventually become drug addicts. This show clearly that the​ two regularly go together.

The reason for​ this is​ not far fetched: People suffering from anxiety disorder usually don't realize it​ on time until they become addicted to​ sedatives and​ alcohol, which can be a​ lifelong habit, because they just seem to​ make such people feel better or​ normal. Foe instance, depressed people often find medications that play on serotonin to​ make them feel better. Self medication is​ often the​ reason why both conditions are linked, and​ a​ greater part of​ dual diagnosis treatment is​ focused on this cause and​ effect relationship.

Fortunately, almost any drug treatment program or​ mental illness treatment worth its salt is​ fully informed about this relationship, and​ dual diagnosis treatment can be administered by the​ two treatment programs. thus if​ you or​ a​ loved one find yourselves in​ a​ treatment program that does not provide any form of​ dual diagnosis treatment, you should quit immediately.

Often, one of​ your conditions is​ designated as​ a​ primary one that needs to​ be treated first. in​ most cases, it​ is​ usually the​ addiction, but there are occasions when more serious forms of​ mental illness will need to​ be the​ priority. Thus, the​ initial stage of​ dual diagnosis treatment is​ the​ determination of​ the​ nature of​ patient’s mental illness, and​ the​ extent of​ the​ addiction.

Some treatment programs have gained high renown for​ their dual diagnosis treatment, and​ have thus specialized on this and​ make it​ their niche. if​ you are a​ dual diagnosis patient and​ it​ is​ within your power to​ make decision, ensure you go for​ such programs. there are also many support groups and​ therapists that are experts on dual diagnosis treatment.

Never let your dual diagnosis status worry you and​ deter you from seeking treatment. You must realize that most addicts are dual diagnosis patients but are not aware of​ it. and​ you won't believe this; being a​ dual diagnosis patient can be beneficial, for​ example, if​ due to​ anxiety disorder, you started drinking, when you treat the​ disorder, the​ addiction will also be cured. a​ case of​ getting two for​ the​ price of​ one you say.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs Explained

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