Dry Skin Is No Picnic

Dry Skin Is No Picnic

Oh the​ itchiness,​ the​ flakiness,​ the​ tightness! Dry skin is​ no picnic. Dry skin doesn’t just come with the​ dry air of​ a​ cold winter,​ but any time of​ year. There are many contributing factors to​ dry skin. the​ main factor for this is​ that people are just too dehydrated. Water is​ essential for the​ body and for the​ skin. Flaky dry skin is​ a​ signal that your body is​ getting dehydrated and it’s time to​ fill up again. 8-10 glasses of​ water a​ day is​ needed for optimum healthy skin.

Another factor that contributes to​ a​ dry complexion is​ the​ use of​ harsh chemicals on​ your skin. Harsh cleansers strip the​ skin of​ all necessary oils and dries out the​ skin,​ leaving a​ tight uncomfortable skin that you just want to​ crawl out of. Using milder cleansers will clean your skin and still allow your natural oils to​ moisturize and soothe it.

Moisturizers are essential,​ especially in​ winters,​ for keeping moisture within your skin. Moisturizers,​ cool,​ hot,​ tight skin,​ and provides a​ barrier against heat and water loss,​ as​ well as​ dirt,​ and makes your skin feel smoother…. although it’s temporary,​ until you re-apply the​ moisturizer again.

Hot water irritates dry skin and provokes it​ into drying out more. Long,​ hot baths are a​ no-no,​ no matter how cold the​ winter is. Take shorter,​ lukewarm baths or​ showers,​ and try taking them every other day to​ maintain the​ moisture on​ your skin. Taking a​ hot shower everyday prevents natural oils from being present and helps skin look great.

Once out of​ the​ shower,​ don’t rub skin dry,​ but rather pat it​ gently,​ even leaving skin slightly damp,​ and moisturize right away to​ look in​ the​ moisture. Moisturizing is​ so important for great skin,​ as​ it​ replaces lost moisture and the​ cream contains water-binding ingredients that help skin keep its moisture.

Alcohol and caffeine has a​ drying effect on​ skin. Certain drugs,​ prescription or​ recreational,​ also contribute to​ the​ drying of​ the​ skin. Overexposure to​ the​ sun also increases the​ dryness of​ skin. Wearing sunscreen and limiting exposure to​ the​ sun is​ essential to​ keeping good skin,​ or​ any skin at​ all as​ skin cancer is​ a​ very real possibility for sun lovers. Using a​ humidifier will help skin,​ as​ well as​ patting skin dry when exiting the​ shower. Choosing natural fabrics that skin likes is​ also a​ helpful method.

For dry skin that is​ not being cared for,​ it​ can lead to​ more complications than just dry skin. Eczema,​ folliculitis,​ and cellulites are complications caused when the​ skin’s natural defense mechanism is​ faulty. Eczema is​ a​ persistent condition that causes redness,​ cracking and inflammation of​ the​ skin. Folliculitis is​ the​ soreness of​ the​ hair follicles. Cellulites is​ a​ serious bacterial infection of​ the​ skin’s underlying tissues.

On the​ aesthetics side,​ dry skin ages people a​ lot faster than other skin types. the​ flakiness and tightness is​ uncomfortable,​ and it​ disrupts with the​ application of​ make-up on​ women. the​ itchiness causes people to​ scratch,​ and can lead to​ redness,​ patchiness and scratches on​ the​ face. the​ easiest and quickest way to​ gain back beautiful skin is​ by drinking lots and lots of​ water,​ to​ replace all of​ the​ moisture that’s been lost. it​ is​ a​ simple but a​ method that will never fail.

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