Drug Rehab Treatment Healing Ideas

Drug Rehab Treatment Healing Ideas

Drug Treatment Recovery Healing

My friend Susan was going on vacation for​ a​ month and​ asked me to​ substitute for​ her at​ the​ local drug rehab center at​ her Wednesday yoga and​ meditation class.

It truly was an​ experience I'll never forget as​ I watched people's bodies and​ minds relax.I was struck by the​ strong determination that was applied towards learning the​ different forms of​ breathing as​ well as​ various meditations. I think the​ residents found it​ helpful to​ see they could channel the​ same drive they had used to​ locate drugs to​ their own healing.

It's always good to​ use try and​ direct the​ natural tendencies you have for​ a​ higher purpose. for​ instance, an​ "addictive" personality can redirect this to​ areas such as​ meditation, exercise or​ writing a​ journal. This I have found is​ much better than fighting with oneself and​ trying to​ "stop" one's tendencies. This is​ one's passion and​ it​ should be used for​ one's evolution.

If you are taking yoga please keep in​ mind it's not about competing with others but in​ "stretching " yourself inwardly further than you thought you could go. if​ you can be patient when you hold a​ posture, that quality will also carry into daily life as​ well.

You also will develop tools you can use for​ stressful situations such as​ deep breathing, visualizations of​ your true potential and​ inner joy. Even if​ you only feel good for​ an​ hour
after doing some yoga or​ meditation , it​ is​ a​ center that grows and​ you can remember it​ when you become agitated around other residents or​ towards your parents.

Robin, a​ 20 year old, fighting prescription drug addiction said to​ me that she just wanted to​ ease the​ pain but realized that pain is​ a​ feeling she could watch. it​ really was wonderful to​ see the​ ability to​ watch one's mind that the​ residents developed with a​ little practice. in​ the​ east they return to​ the​ mind as​ a​ drunken monkey-not just wandering from thought to​ thought, but a​ drunken monkey stung by a​ scorpion. Sometimes it​ seems so restless and​ jumpy, plus out of​ control. Take a​ few moments to​ watch it​ and​ discover some true jewels.

Drug Rehab Treatment Healing Ideas

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