Drooping Egos Alternative Treatments For Impotent Men

Drooping Egos Alternative Treatments For Impotent Men

Alternative medicine has grown increasingly popular over the​ last three decades. it​ has been defined as​ any system of​ healing or​ treating disease not included in​ the​ traditional medical curricula, often based in​ belief systems at​ odds with scientific knowledge. Today, even medical doctors have become more open to​ guiding patients in​ exploring other treatment options such as​ acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, herbal medicines and​ chiropractic medicine. Many are turning to​ these alternative treatments to​ treat chronic illnesses that modern medicine has not been able to​ help them with or​ to​ alleviate symptoms.

One of​ these chronic illnesses is​ sexual impotence. it​ is​ one of​ the​ most common medical conditions afflicting sexually mature men today. Also referred to​ as​ erectile dysfunction (ED), the​ main symptom of​ sexual impotence is​ the​ consistent inability to​ obtain and/or maintain an​ erection for​ successful sexual intercourse. Reasons for​ sexual impotence include pelvic trauma, neurological problems, smoking, alcohol abuse, conditions such as​ diabetes and​ cardiovascular disease, stress, hormonal deficiency, and​ psychological problems. Treatment will largely be determined by the​ underlying cause and​ can range from oral prescriptions, direct injections to​ the​ penis, psychological counseling, mechanical sex aids or​ surgery. Among the​ most popular treatments for​ sexual impotence are prescription oral phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors such as​ Viagra (sildenafil citrate), Cialis (tadalafil) and​ Levitra (vardenafil hydrochloride), which regulates an​ enzyme the​ body produces to​ diminish erections. They also help the​ penile muscles to​ relax, allowing the​ shaft to​ become engorged and​ stay firm longer. Unfortunately, these drugs only work in​ about 75% of​ sexual impotence cases and​ are contraindicated for​ patients taking nitrate-based drugs or​ alpha-blockers, because interaction with PDE5 inhibitors can be fatal. Patients may also experience a​ myriad of​ side effects such as​ headache, flushing of​ the​ face and​ body, indigestion, runny nose, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, muscle pains and​ vision disturbances.

It is​ mostly because of​ these side effects that men have begun looking for​ alternative treatments for​ sexual impotence. Some feel that continuous intake of​ prescription medication will have negative effects in​ the​ long-term, and​ surgery is​ too radical a​ solution to​ even consider. to​ them, alternative medicine seems to​ be the​ most holistic way of​ dealing with this condition. for​ example, drugs such as​ Viagra are ignored in​ favor of​ horny goat weed, garlic, gingko biloba and​ yohimbe root as​ oral supplements for​ sexual impotence. Horny goat weed is​ based in​ traditional Chinese medicine and​ is​ a​ popular aphrodisiac with testosterone-like effects, stimulating sexual desire, and​ sensory nerves. Garlic has been shown to​ help the​ body react to​ nitric acid, which is​ important in​ maintaining an​ erection. Gingko Biloba improves vascular function in​ the​ body, which means it​ increases blood flow in​ the​ penis as​ well. Yohimbe root is​ approved by the​ FDA for​ the​ treatment of​ sexual impotence. Yohimbine, an​ extract of​ yohimbe, has proven effective in​ treating erectile dysfunction in​ scientific studies.

Some alternative treatments for​ sexual impotence are complimentary to​ medical treatments. Massage, aromatherapy and​ acupuncture have been known to​ decrease stress and​ fatigue, two major components in​ sexual impotence. Another option is​ chiropractic, a​ non-invasive and​ non-drug treatment that involves manipulation of​ the​ spine and​ extremities for​ mechanical musculo-skeletal dysfunction. Some practitioners believe that manipulation will help impotent men regain their erections by improving the​ transmission of​ nerve impulses from the​ extremities to​ the​ brain.

However, contrary to​ popular belief, some of​ these alternative treatments have side effects and​ risks. Yohimbine for​ example has been known to​ cause allergic reactions and​ irregular heartbeats, both of​ which can lead to​ serious problems if​ the​ patient does not discontinue drug intake. Chiropractic can cause spinal injury. the​ most important thing for​ impotent patients to​ remember is​ that while alternative treatments can be holistic and​ effective, consulting with a​ licensed medical doctor is​ equally beneficial.

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