Draw Customers To You Through Web Events

Draw Customers To You Through Web Events

Draw Customers to​ You Through Web Events
Email delivery problems has put an​ urgency to​ the​ priority of​ changing how we communicate with customers on the​ internet .​
At one time, you may have conducted virtually all of​ your marketing and​ customer interactions via email .​
Not that long ago, there was a​ time when email was so dominant as​ a​ form of​ communication that we all depended on it​ almost exclusively because it​ was the​ only thing that was truly interactive about the​ internet.
Two developments in​ how the​ internet works has changed that scenario significantly .​
From a​ negative point of​ view, email delivery has continued to​ grow as​ a​ bigger and​ bigger problem every year .​
That means that more and​ more online merchants have struggled with how undependable email communications has become .​
the​ problem, of​ course is​ that spam as​ relentlessly eroded how much anyone can depend on email except for​ private communications .​
So to​ avoid having to​ make email delivery a​ second career, many online merchants and​ retailers are looking for​ new and​ up to​ date modes of​ communication to​ replace email.
The second development is​ more positive and​ it​ is​ the​ WEB 2.0 evolution of​ the​ internet which has changed how the​ internet works .​
Whereas business web sites used to​ be nothing more than online brochures, all web sites are now migrating to​ the​ WEB 2.0 model which means web sites themselves are seats of​ customer communications which takes the​ emphasis off of​ email as​ a​ sole line of​ communication with customers.
These developments bode well for​ providing an​ escape for​ online merchants with the​ cumbersome overhead of​ trying to​ keep up with email delivery issues from month to​ month .​
But it​ doesn’t mean you will abandon email entirely .​
the​ one aspect of​ email that has yet to​ be totally replaced is​ its ability to​ remind a​ customer of​ your products and​ services .​
Just having a​ highly interactive web site is​ good but internet denizens are notoriously short in​ the​ memory department and​ they need a​ reason to​ come back to​ your web site from time to​ time.
A web event is​ a​ great way to​ create excitement and​ to​ make your customers want to​ come to​ your web site at​ a​ specified time to​ be part of​ the​ big event .​
a​ big sale, a​ special speaker, a​ musical performance or​ an​ interview with a​ notable celebrity from your field of​ expertise is​ just the​ thing to​ draw people to​ your web site to​ experience something new and​ interesting .​

The more you can get away from using email reminders and​ communications, the​ more you get away from having to​ worry about deliverability issues .​
This is​ especially true with a​ web event .​
if​ you go to​ the​ effort and​ expense of​ scheduling a​ big event for​ your users, to​ have email deliverability problems stall or​ lose your reminders resulting in​ a​ failed event would be a​ disaster.
So to​ build your clientele for​ the​ big event, promote it​ interactively on your web site .​
You can use your blog, message boards or​ chat rooms for​ promotion and​ to​ create excitement .​
Then from each of​ those web site pages, take interested customers to​ a​ sign up page for​ the​ event and​ do an​ email verification of​ their sign up .​
That verification can be used to​ encourage those customers to​ add a​ specific email address to​ their preferred users list .​
Once that is​ in​ place, you have much more leverage to​ email your users about this and​ other events and​ drive your customers back to​ your web site for​ events, sales and​ for​ you to​ do your marketing dynamically and​ interactively, the​ WEB 2.0 way.

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