Dos And Donts For Mini Storage Auctions

Dos and​ Don’ts for​ Mini Storage Auctions
If you want to​ start making money with the​ buying and​ reselling of​ self-storage auctions, it​ is​ important to​ know what you are doing .​
Yes, you can make a​ profit with mini storage auctions, but there is​ always a​ risk involved .​
To help make sure you see a​ profit, please continue reading on for​ a​ few helpful tips.
DON’T go unprepared .​
if​ a​ phone number is​ provided call ahead of​ time to​ see what you need .​
Most likely, cash will be the​ only accepted method of​ payment .​
Ask if​ you can arrive early to​ look around .​
Know if​ you have to​ pay a​ fee to​ participate in​ the​ auction.
DO anticipate on winning a​ storage unit auction, even if​ you do not .​
This is​ important, as​ you usually have 24 to​ 48 hours to​ remove all items .​
for​ that reason, it​ may be best to​ arrive with a​ truck or​ a​ van .​
At the​ very least, bring a​ padlock to​ secure the​ unit until you are able to​ return .​
DON’T try to​ buy back your belongings at​ a​ mini storage auction .​
if​ you are behind on your bill and​ find that your items are being sold, talk to​ the​ owner right away .​
Some will cancel the​ auction up to​ a​ few hours before if​ you are willing to​ pay your overdue bill.
DON’T bid too high on sealed bins or​ closed storage units .​
Yes, you may walk away with a​ lot of​ valuables, but you may also walk away with nothing more than family photographs and​ personal documents .​
Even if​ you can’t look around, you should be able to​ take a​ quick peek inside a​ storage unit from outside the​ door.
DO look for​ signs that you have hit the​ jackpot .​
This can also give you a​ good bid idea of​ how much to​ bid .​
Look for​ storage units that are packed full, filled with home appliances, furniture, name brand products, and​ antiques.
DON’T bid high just to​ win .​
Unfortunately, it​ is​ easy to​ get caught up in​ the​ moment at​ mini storage auctions .​
Yes, losing to​ a​ higher bidder does stink, but don’t let the​ competitive environment cause you to​ lose money .​
Remember, there is​ always next time.
DO try to​ resell what you can .​
if​ you must, get creative .​
Do you have a​ lot of​ poor quality or​ stained clothes? Cut up the​ clothes to​ create scraps for​ sewing .​
Sell them by the​ boxful .​
Do you have a​ broken piece of​ furniture? Try to​ fix it​ before opting to​ throw it​ away.
DON’T pay to​ dispose of​ items you can give away for​ free or​ donate to​ a​ charity .​
Remember your main goal is​ to​ make a​ profit .​
This involves limiting your expenses, including trash removal costs.
DO know that you have a​ number of​ different reselling methods .​
Hosting a​ yard sale may be your first idea, but that is​ not your only option .​
Many successfully use yard sales, flea markets, online classified ads, newspaper classified ads, and​ eBay to​ make a​ profit from the​ buying and​ reselling of​ self-storage auction merchandise and​ you can too.
DON’T give up if​ you have a​ bad experience the​ first time around .​
Did you pay $100 only to​ learn that nothing can be resold for​ a​ profit? if​ so, don’t let that stop you from bidding at​ mini storage auctions .​
To see the​ most profits, it​ is​ all about consistency.

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