Dos And Don Ts Of Advertising

Dos And Don Ts Of Advertising

Do's and​ don'ts of​ advertising
To start I​ need to​ tell you that advertising is​ not the​ best way to​ effectively market your business, there are many better ways to​ market .​
Advertising may be the​ most popular method, but far too many people stop there .​
Since advertising is​ often the​ most expensive marketing option it’s not surprising that many businesses get bogged down over marketing .​
Wouldn’t it​ be great if​ there were other, more cost effective ways to​ market your business?
Well there are, like Direct Mail, Internet, Telephone, Email (with permission), etc, and​ I’ll get to​ them later, for​ now, if​ you are advertising already, here are some important do’s and​ don’ts .​
First make a​ decision to​ stop any current advertising that isn't working for​ you .​
I​ have to​ say that first because, although it​ may seem obvious, many businesses keep on advertising in​ the​ same places year after year, whether they know its working for​ them or​ not!
Next work out a​ way to​ measure whether your advertising is​ working for​ you .​
Far too many businesses use up their advertising budget every year, without testing to​ see what is​ working for​ them .​
This doesn’t make sense! if​ an​ advert is​ working then fine, you want to​ keep running it​ and​ maybe even expand that particular advert further and​ spend more on it, but if​ an​ advert isn’t working you need to​ stop running it​ now, and​ instead allocate the​ money you would have used on it​ to​ other marketing methods, which have a​ much higher chance of​ success .​
Then you should choose adverts that are designed to​ bring in​ a​ response .​
That is​ ‘direct response advertising’ .​
There is​ a​ lot of​ talk in​ marketing circles about ‘brand’ advertising, but unless your company is​ a​ household name, brand advertising will have very little chance of​ working for​ you .​
Those large companies which use this method have spent thousands if​ not millions establishing their brand .​
If you are a​ small business then brand advertising will be a​ waste of​ your money .​
This means that the​ purpose of​ your adverts should be to​ obtain a​ response .​
The bonus of​ this is​ that response advertising is​ easier to​ measure to​ see if​ its working for​ you .​
So how do you put together a​ direct response advert?
Here is​ the​ proven formula for​ success: -
The most important part of​ the​ whole advert is​ the​ headline .​
If you don’t have an​ actual headline then it’s the​ first few words of​ the​ advert itself .​
It MUST capture the​ reader’s attention .​
Tip if​ you have been using the​ name of​ your company here, stop, you should use this important space to​ lead with an​ exciting statement about your product or​ service.

The main body of​ your advert should speak to​ the​ reader personally and​ tell them about the​ benefits they will get from your product or​ service .​
Don’t forget to​ include a​ call to​ action .​
This is​ where you tell the​ reader what they should do to​ follow through and​ get in​ touch with you or​ place an​ order etc .​
When you book an​ advert you should insist that it​ is​ placed on the​ right hand page, which is​ where people’s eyes are drawn first, so statistically more people will actually see, and​ have a​ chance to​ read and​ respond to, your advert .​
Don’t book a​ long advertising run, or​ a​ large advert, until you have tested the​ advert first, and​ then only re-book if​ its working for​ you .​
So, don’t waste your money on ineffective advertising, you could get much better results for​ less money using a​ mixture of​ other marketing methods .​
And meanwhile, only use adverts that have proved profitable for​ you.

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