Dont Skimp On Tools For Your New Dog

Dont Skimp On Tools For Your New Dog

So today is​ the​ big day,​ your new dog or​ puppy is​ coming to​ his new home! Getting a​ new dog means you’ll need a​ few more accessories to​ go with him. in​ order to​ properly care for your new pet,​ you’ll have to​ abide by certain local laws and make some additional purchases. Some of​ these items are necessities; some just make life with your new dog more convenient.

The necessities; Most of​ the​ truly necessary items for dog care are obvious. if​ you’ve got a​ dog you’ll need bowls for the​ dog’s food and water. Mid size to​ large dogs have a​ habit of​ moving their food bowl around the​ room as​ they eat. Buying heavy weighted bowls will avoid the​ noise and frustration of​ having to​ hunt for the​ bowl at​ feeding time. I have large German Shepard that likes to​ carry his bowl over to​ me whenever he’s ready to​ eat! a​ sturdy plastic bowl with a​ rubber lining on​ the​ bottom can be useful as​ well. the​ rubber on​ the​ bottom keeps the​ bowl from sliding around as​ Fido enjoys his dinner.

Unless you​ have a​ fenced in​ backyard,​ you’ll be needing a​ leash and collar for walks. Even if​ your yard is​ fenced in,​ you​ may want these anyway for training purposes. These can be as​ simple or​ as​ elaborate as​ you​ would like,​ but of​ course,​ you’ll want to​ take the​ size and strength of​ your dog into account when selecting them. the​ collar can (and should) be adorned with a​ license tag or​ at​ least an​ ID tag that provides your name and contact information in​ case your dog is​ lost.

If you​ live in​ a​ city environment,​ you’ll need to​ purchase that miracle of​ modern doggie convenience the​ “pooper scooper.” Most cities have laws against owners simply allowing their dogs to​ “foul the​ footpath” or​ leave little all over the​ city park. in​ some cities,​ there is​ a​ hefty fine for such crappy behavior.

Optional; There are literally thousands of​ optional items available for people to​ purchase for use with their dogs. Some of​ these items,​ like the​ gravity refillable water dishes and food bowls,​ serve a​ very useful purpose; others – the​ dog bandana comes to​ mind – serve no real purpose and are just plain fun.

One item that some owners do find very useful,​ especially those that live in​ a​ hot climate,​ are “doggie booties.” While they may seem like a​ relatively useless item,​ they do a​ good job of​ protecting the​ sensitive pads of​ a​ dog’s feet from rough terrain,​ rocky areas,​ and hot pavement. Stepping on​ hot sticky asphalt can be very painful for your dog. Those in​ cooler climates may not understand,​ but in​ some places,​ particularly the​ desert environments of​ cities like Phoenix,​ Las Vegas,​ and Albuquerque,​ the​ summer pavement can literally become hot enough to​ fry an​ egg. you​ wouldn’t walk barefoot on​ such a​ surface and neither should your dog.

So before you​ bring Fido home,​ make sure you​ have all the​ accessories you​ need to​ make his and your life easier.

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