Dont Panic Its Not The End Of 1 Cent Auctions

In January 2018 eBay will be getting rid of​ the​ Pre Approved bidding system. Which means 1 cent auctions in​ the​ auctions listings linking to​ your eBay store will be a​ thing of​ the​ past.

How am I going to​ get feedback quickly to​ get a​ store or​ use the​ Featured Items or​ Buy it​ Now options in​ selling goods?

Or how am I supposed to​ become a​ Powerseller now? Lots of​ people have become Powersellers using this technique but how are we going to​ do it​ now?

Well we can still have 1 cent buy it​ now products in​ our eBay stores. But they are not listed in​ auction listings I hear you say.

How well do you know the​ Advanced Search function of​ eBay? or​ more importantly how well do your customers know it?

You can get all the​ 1 cent listings from store's inventories by using the​ Advanced Search function a​ little creatively.

How will your customers know about it?

Well you can educate them and​ yourself, if​ you not too familar with the​ Advanced Search, by referring to​ this article, and​ believe me they will thank you for​ it.

I used this search technique to​ build my feedback up to​ enough to​ open a​ store as​ well as​ buying a​ few Christmas pressies so that all my feedback was not from 1 cent auctions. Some buyers will look at​ what your feedback contains so its good to​ have a​ few non 1 centers in​ there!!

Okay so here is​ how to​ use the​ Advanced search to​ find 1 cent store listings on the​ main site. I'm sure the​ same logic applies to​ your localised eBay site.

1. Go to​ the​ eBay home page and​ select Advanced Search

2. Leave Enter Keyword or​ Item Number blank and​ select Everything Else for​ in​ this Category.

3. Leave everything else blank and​ ticked as​ default settings until the​ Show Only Section.

4. in​ the​ Show Only Section tick Buy it​ Now Items and​ Store Inventory items only.

5. Select Price: Lowest First in​ Sort By.

6. Press the​ search button.

7. You may get an​ error page or​ you have thousands of​ items to​ scroll through so click on information products from Categories list on the​ left so that you get mainly digitally delivered products.

8. Now by this point eBay probably doesn't remember that it's supposed to​ be searching byPrice Lowest First so make sure this is​ selected in​ the​ Sort by: Box.

9. Search through the​ 1 cent listings and​ pick out the​ interesting ones or​ whatever takes your fancy, buy and​ start building up your feedback.

10. Always check the​ postage cost when the​ listing says 1 cent as​ there are a​ few people who will put a​ high price on the​ postage and​ packaging even though it​ is​ a​ digital item.

Okay you now have in​ your hands a​ way to​ keep using the​ 1 cent auction. Use it​ wisely and​ make your customers love you and​ your feedback astounding!

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