Don T Just Renew Review Your Insurance

Don’t Just Renew – Review Your Insurance!
If one of​ your insurance policies is​ coming up to​ renewal – for example,​ your household,​ motor,​ pet or​ annual travel insurance policy – don’t automatically accept that your current insurer is​ offering you​ the​ best deal there is​ .​
Most insurers know that when it​ comes to​ renewal time,​ around 70% of​ their customers will accept the​ quote,​ without even seeing if​ they could get it​ cheaper elsewhere .​
This could be because the​ customers feel don’t have the​ time or​ the​ inclination to​ bother or​ genuinely believe they are being offered the​ best deal there is.
However,​ this complacency could cost the​ consumer tens – even hundreds – of​ pounds every year .​
Insurers are running a​ business after all and most will not reward their customers with cheaper premiums for loyally sticking by them .​

By shopping around – either by going online or​ by using an​ independent broker - you​ could save yourself a​ hefty wad of​ cash and it​ doesn’t have to​ be a​ time consuming exercise .​
And while the​ average consumer is​ probably sick of​ being told that you​ must shop around even the​ Financial Services Authority (FSA - which is​ the​ independent regulator set up by Government to​ look after the​ financial services industry and protect consumers – advocate it!
Do note however that when looking for a​ cheaper deal,​ whilst price is​ important,​ you​ should never,​ ever compromise on​ cover .​
No doubt,​ there will always be an​ attractive home or​ motor insurance deal available,​ but the​ cover may not be adequate for your needs .​
The sum insured may not be enough or​ the​ policy may not have the​ same features and benefits.
Therefore,​ always compare any new quote on​ a​ like for like basis with your existing cover and not forgetting to​ look at​ the​ small print and any exclusions.
It doesn’t take long to​ get alternative quotes and in​ most cases,​ you’ll be quids in!

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