Don T Be Excluded Know What Your Travel Insurance Covers And More Importantly What It Doesn T

Don T Be Excluded Know What Your Travel Insurance Covers And More
Importantly What It Doesn T

Don’t be excluded! Know what your travel insurance covers—and more importantly,​ what it​ doesn’t.
Whatever your travel plans,​ buying travel health insurance is​ a​ smart idea. Without proper insurance,​ you​ could subject yourself and your family to​ potential risk and huge financial losses.
Why travel insurance?
When you​ are away from home even the​ most minor injuries or​ illnesses can become a​ major expense. So while an accident or​ illness can happen anywhere at​ anytime,​ emergency medical travel insurance helps to​ protect you​ from the​ unexpected costs that can come with a​ visit to​ a​ doctor or​ hospital outside of​ your home country.
Out of​ country medical expenses are costly.
The cost of​ medical treatments and services abroad can be staggering. Even the​ most minor injury or​ illness could cost you​ thousands of​ dollars. Consider the​ following example provided by a​ leading Canadian travel insurance provider the​ total cost of​ medical expenses for a​ 44yearold who accidentally fell from a​ ledge was a​ staggering $457,​370. His provincial health plan only covered $29,​149,​ which means that,​ without emergency medical travel coverage he would have been $428,​221 outofpocket.
Your provincial health plan may not cover the​ bill.
Many travellers don’t realize that their provincial health plan doesn’t cover all the​ costs of​ medical treatments received outside Canada. at​ best,​ your health plan may cover a​ small portion of​ your medical emergency costs.
A flight home may not be an option.
Medical evacuation can easily cost more than $10,​000,​ depending on​ your location and medical condition.
The good news is​ that even the​ most basic emergency medical policies can cost as​ little as​ $13 dollars a​ week and provide coverage for emergency medical treatment and services such as
 Hospitalization
 Ambulance services
 Lab tests
 Xrays
 Prescription ​Drug​s
 Emergency flights home
In addition,​ more comprehensive packages can be purchased that include
 Transportation of​ a​ relative to​ your bedside
 Dental accidents
 Vehicle return
 Outofpocket expenses
 Childcare attendant
 Meals and accommodation
 Pet return
 Baggage loss or​ damage
However,​ you​ should be aware that emergency medical travel insurance policies do have exclusions,​ which is​ why it’s important to​ read through the​ coverage details carefully.
Common travel insurance exclusions
In general,​ most emergency medical policies do not cover the​ cost of​ medical treatment for accidents,​ injuries or​ illnesses caused by or​ related to​ the​ following conditions or​ activities
 Professional Sports
 Elective treatment or​ surgery
 ​alcohol​ or​ ​Drug​ use
 Preexisting conditions
 Mental,​ emotional or​ nervous disorders
 Speed contests or​ organized motor contests
In addition,​ most basic emergency medical policies do not provide coverage for or​ have significant restrictions on​ the​ following activities or​ events
 Scuba diving,​ sky diving,​ rock climbing etc.
 Pregnancy/Childbirth
 War or​ Terrorism
If you​ plan to​ participate in​ any sports or​ activities similar to​ the​ ones highlighted above you​ should speak to​ a​ travel insurance representative to​ get more information on​ any exclusions or​ conditions. Additional coverage may be available for certain activities.
Finally,​ some travel insurance savings tips
 Don’t accept the​ first package you’re offered. Travel insurance policies can vary by over 100% for similar coverage. By doing a​ little legwork,​ you​ could save a​ lot of​ money.
 Don’t feel pressured into buying a​ policy from your travel agent. Although you​ may save a​ little time by buying your policy through your travel agent,​ it​ is​ unlikely you’ll get your policy at​ the​ best price.
 If you​ are a​ frequent traveller consider purchasing an annual policy. if​ you​ plan to​ take more than one trip this year,​ buying an annual policy instead of​ a​ single trip policy could save you​ both time and money.
Before you​ leave,​ get emergency medical travel insurance quotes from competing insurers online and get the​ coverage you​ need. Compare emergency medical travel insurance today!

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