Domain Name Strategies Maximize Profits

Domain Name Strategies Maximize Profits

Whether you want to​ come up with your own original name or​ wish to​ buy someone else's, here are some strategies for​ obtaining a​ profitable domain name.

1. Do it​ Now!

If you do think of​ or​ find a​ good domain name, don't procrastinate. Register or​ buy it​ now!

I've thought of​ a​ good name, checked it​ for​ availability, and​ then slept on it. When I went to​ register, the​ name was gone.

Years ago, one of​ my clients delayed in​ registering his company name and​ within a​ month someone else registered it.

The situation is​ even worse now. There is​ a​ lot of​ domain name speculation going on. Many simply register a​ name in​ the​ hope of​ selling it​ later to​ someone who desperately wants the​ domain.

It's really true in​ the​ domain name registration world: if​ you snooze, you lose.

2. Register Dot Com

There are practical reasons why you should consider registering a​ dot com name if​ at​ all possible.

When you go to​ sell, dot coms generally seem to​ go for​ more money than other Top Level Domains. Why is​ that?

It has been suggested that dot org or​ dot net are perceived to​ be second-rate because the​ owner either couldn't afford to​ buy the​ dot com name or​ their competitor had the​ foresight to​ register it​ first. (Obviously, an​ ISP having a​ dot net or​ a​ non-profit organization having a​ dot org would not necessarily be perceived in​ this way.)

Additionally, dot coms are easier for​ people to​ remember. if​ you have a​ dot org or​ a​ dot net, it​ is​ just one more thing for​ people to​ have to​ remember. First, people have to​ remember your website's name; then, they have to​ remember that your TLD (Top Level Domain) is​ not the​ commonly assumed dot com. You could lose some traffic to​ your dot com competitor.

3. is​ it​ Practical?

Do you have a​ business use for​ the​ domain name? is​ your name short and​ memorable? Does it​ describe or​ brand your business? Does it​ infringe on any trademarks? is​ it​ free of​ hyphens, numbers, and​ other extraneous or​ confusing elements?

Give some careful thought to​ the​ above factors before registering or​ buying your domain name. it​ could be one of​ the​ best investments you ever made.

Domain Name Strategies Maximize Profits

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