Domain Name Profits

Domain Name Profits

"Domain investment," or​ the buying of​ domain names for profit, has been an​ internet marketing "insider secret" for a​ number of​ years. When the internet was young, for example, enterprising spirits grabbed the domain names of​ popular companies and resold them when those companies came knocking. in​ fact, stories abound on the net about domain names selling for thousands - and even millions - of​ dollars. in​ 2018 alone, domain names such as​ "" and "" sold for a​ combined $9 million. There is​ no question that many people have made a​ bundle selling domain names, including "Domain King" Rick Schwartz, who has made up to​ $2,000,000 a​ year through domain investment.

Can you make money selling domain names? Unless you're very lucky or​ already a​ proficient internet marketer, your chances are not great that you will be able to​ find a​ profitable domain name which hasn't been taken. Many analysts emphasize that investing in​ domain names is​ no longer a​ "walk in​ the park" and that real "killings" in​ domain investment are few and far between. There is​ doubtlessly much competition in​ the field of​ ever-dwindling domain names, and even in​ the less used ones as​ well, such as​ .net, .info, .biz, .ws, etc.

Nevertheless, creative entrepreneurs have not let those facts slow them down, and certain "domain profiteers" have flaunted conventional wisdom and continued to​ profit in​ domain investment. Without detailed instructions from such experts with a​ proven track record, however, chances of​ failure are high enough to​ discourage the novice without deep pockets. The good news is​ that those who wish to​ enter the lucrative domain-name business can turn to​ a​ comprehensive training course called "Domain Profiteer." The result of​ collaboration between trusted internet millionaires Shawn Casey and Matt Smith, this domain-investment course reveals a​ slew of​ secrets used by top domain investors over the years, including Rick Schwartz. in​ Domain Profiteer, Casey and Smith provide step-by-step instructions for finding, choosing, registering, parking and/or reselling domain names.

If you are an​ avid collector of​ domain names, you may want to​ jump on this profitable bandwagon. if​ you aren't yet a​ domain investor, you may wish to​ become one - and you won't want to​ try without Domain Profiteer. Up to​ now, there has not been a​ product like Domain Profiteer - and there may not be another one of​ this quality. Over time, you could learn to​ do the same thing - using expensive tools, some of​ which cost more per month than the relatively low price of​ Domain Profiteer. Or, you could simply invest in​ Domain Profiteer and save yourself the cost and time.

Domain Name Profits

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