Dogs In The Cartoons

Dogs In The Cartoons

America loves dogs in​ films and on​ television. We also seem to​ love dogs in​ the​ pages of​ the​ Sunday funnies and in​ animation. to​ list all of​ the​ cartoon dogs that have made some kind of​ impact on​ American pop culture could fill an​ entire book. Here,​ however,​ is​ a​ small who’s who list of​ dogs that have been popular in​ cartoons over the​ years.

1924 – Sandy

Fans of​ Harold Gray’s comic strip Little Orphan Annie fondly remember Annie’s dog Sandy. Although Sandy never had much to​ say except the​ occasional panel-ending “ARF!” she was loved nonetheless and often was able to​ help Annie out of​ tough scrapes when fighting Nazis or​ investigating haunted houses.

1950 – Snoopy

Easily the​ most recognizable cartoon dog in​ American history,​ Snoopy – the​ real star of​ Charles Schultz’s Peanuts – is​ an​ American icon. Snoopy stole the​ show in​ every Peanuts strip he appeared in. He fought the​ Red Baron from the​ top of​ his dog house,​ was the​ proud owner of​ original paintings by both Vincent Van Gogh and an​ Andrew Wyeth (the Van Gogh was sadly destroyed by fire),​ never quite finished his novel but typed the​ opening line “it was a​ dark and stormy night” countless times,​ and had a​ twin brother named Spike who lived in​ the​ desert outside Needles,​ California. Not bad for a​ Beagle.

1980’s – Odie

It is​ nearly impossible not to​ love Odie,​ the​ relatively stupid,​ completely mute (he doesn’t even think in​ words),​ and incessantly slobbering canine companion of​ Garfield the​ cat in​ the​ Jim Davis strip Garfield. Odie was there simply to​ be abused by Garfield,​ no doubt about it,​ but there are plenty of​ times in​ the​ history of​ the​ comic that we get to​ see just how important the​ little dog is​ to​ the​ titular chubby cat.

1990 – Santa’s Little Helper

What better pet for the​ misfit Simpson family than Santa’s Little Helper,​ a​ weary greyhound that couldn’t win a​ race if​ his life depended on​ it? From the​ Christmas themed pilot episode of​ the​ Simpsons to​ the​ episodes airing today (as of​ this writing the​ show is​ in​ its 16th season),​ SLH has been a​ fixture in​ the​ constantly expanding Simpsons universe. Who can forget SLH destroying Homer’s prized giant cookie,​ learning to​ talk in​ an​ effort to​ distract the​ family’s attention away from their “new” dog Laddie,​ and being trained as​ an​ attack hound by Mr. Burns and the​ not quite in​ the​ closet Waylon Smithers? Santa’s Little Helper is​ everything the​ Simpson family dog should be and more. Watch for his Snoopy imitation at​ the​ end of​ one of​ the​ series’ famous Treehouse of​ Horror Halloween episodes.

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