Dogs Cats And Horses We Love Them All

Dogs Cats And Horses We Love Them All

We have a​ long history with domesticated animals and even the​ nay Sayers can’t deny their roll in​ society past and present.

There is​ evidence that as​ long as​ 10,​000 years ago the​ Native Americans had domesticated dogs as​ depicted in​ early rock paintings. Apparently,​ the​ dogs in​ the​ painting look remarkably like the​ Carolina dogs of​ today.

It has been well documented that dogs and horses of​ past have been bred to​ assist us in​ various ways whether it​ be pack dog,​ work horse,​ hunter or​ herder. There is​ no doubt that they have value and have contributed to​ society in​ many ways.

The cat however is​ a​ very interesting animal indeed. I have yet to​ see a​ cat that can herd,​ or​ help with the​ hunt or​ carry supplies on​ their backs for us. the​ cat is​ strictly a​ companion to​ us,​ that is​ if​ they decide to​ allow you​ to​ be graced with their presence. Most cats still have that strong hunting urge as​ evidenced by your cats offering of​ that bird he just caught or​ mouse he brings to​ you. Most cats get attached to​ an​ area that they claim as​ their own. Some cats get very attached to​ the​ people who love them but as​ a​ general rule I think the​ cat feels he is​ the​ one who rules and he is​ allowing you​ to​ care for him. Still,​ we love them.

Horses are a​ special breed and have a​ tremendous ability to​ assist us in​ ways as​ only the​ horse can. Horses have been our mode of​ transportation much longer than our current ways of​ getting around. They are to​ me of​ such beauty,​ grace,​ and power and I always think of​ them in​ that way much more than an​ animal that works for us. They are spectacular.

Dogs however are by far the​ most domesticated of​ all animals. They not only help us but they are so genuinely attached to​ people and their antics are a​ constant source of​ pleasure to​ us. Just look at​ children or​ elderly people in​ an​ old folks home. if​ a​ child finds a​ stray dog they will surely beg you​ to​ allow them to​ keep the​ dog. if​ you​ take a​ dog into an​ old folks home you​ can see the​ dog respond happily around them and the​ smiles on​ peoples faces are a​ joy to​ see.

I had a​ Springer Spaniel when I was younger and he was the​ funniest,​ most easy- going dog around. He was unusual in​ that he had a​ very special relationship with our guinea pig. We had the​ best time watching these two at​ play. it​ was the​ same every day. the​ guinea pig would wait at​ the​ hallway entrance and would stay there until the​ dog noticed. Then the​ chase was on! the​ dog would bark and chase him all the​ way down the​ hall. the​ guinea pig at​ the​ last minute would veer to​ the​ left and run into the​ bedroom and go under the​ bed. the​ dog was big and somewhat clumsy and would never be able to​ slow down in​ time and he’d crash into the​ wall,​ get up and then go put his nose under the​ bed and bark. They would do this four or​ five times in​ a​ row and then curl up together and sleep. Those two made us laugh. it​ was great!

As animal lovers,​ we also can adorn our walls with prints and motivational posters of​ them. They also make great gifts.

We love our animals,​ as​ it​ should be. Be kind and take well care of​ them.

Dogs Cats And Horses We Love Them All

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