Dog Worming

Dog Worming

Dog Worming.

Regular worming is​ essential to​ protect your dog against internal parasites. This involves giving it​ preparations in​ liquid or​ tablet form. Adult dogs should be wormed at​ least once a​ year,​ and at​ least once every six months if​ in​ contact with children. Dogs showing any signs of​ infection should be wormed immediately and all breeding bitches should be wormed prior to​ mating.


Several of​ these parasites affect dogs but the​ most important are the​ ones that belong to​ the​ Ascarid family,​ and live in​ the​ small intestine. Other roundworms infest the​ large intestine,​ blood vessels and respiratory tract. Ascarids feed on​ digesting food in​ the​ dog's gut,​ and are particularly harmful to​ puppies. They penetrate a​ puppies gut wall and pass via the​ blood to​ the​ liver and then to​ the​ lungs. From there they crawl up the​ trachea to​ be coughed up and swallowed,​ again ending up in​ the​ gut. Infected puppies may develop :-

Hepatitis,​ pneumonia,​ fits,​ and obstruction to​ the​ gut,​ so regular treatment is​ vital.

As the​ puppy gets older most of​ the​ worms travel to​ the​ muscles,​ where they form cysts. These lie dormant until the​ puppy bitch becomes pregnant. They then migrate to​ the​ puppies lungs,​ and this is​ why virtually every puppy is​ born with roundworm,​ and must be wormed regularly.

How Roundworms Affect Humans.

These worms can infect humans,​ and in​ a​ very low number of​ cases,​ cause disease. Good hygiene and common sense concerning children and puppies should control the​ problem.


The tapeworm tickle the​ dog's anus and make the​ dog drag it's rear end along the​ floor. if​ you​ see any worm segments in​ your dog's faeces,​ treat it​ as​ soon as​ possible.

As a​ dog lover myself,​ I treat my own pets at​ least twice a​ year. Worming tablets can be bought cheaply at​ your local supermarket or​ petshop,​ so there's no excuse for not treating your own pet on​ a​ regular basis.

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