Dog Trick To Cure A Nuisance Barker Training Buddy To Speak On Command

Dog Trick To Cure A Nuisance Barker Training Buddy To Speak On Command

All breeds and sizes of​ dogs can be taught easily to​ speak,​ and the​ way to​ go about it​ is​ to​ call your dog,​ show him a​ treat and say “Speak.” He will not understand what you​ mean and will probably at​ first jump for it,​ and then sit down and eye it​ attentively; finally,​ he will get impatient and utter a​ sharp bark,​ which is​ what you​ have been waiting for,​ and the​ instant he does so reward him with the​ treat.

A dog which is​ slow in​ barking can be encouraged to​ do so by your imitating a​ bark,​ as​ the​ chances are he will reply to​ it,​ and if​ you​ reward him he will learn to​ bark as​ soon as​ he hears the​ word “speak.”

After a​ dog has been taught to​ bark once,​ you​ can teach him to​ bark any number of​ times,​ for when he has learned to​ expect a​ reward after barking once and you​ do not give it​ to​ him he is​ apt to​ bark again or​ until you​ give him a​ signal to​ stop.

Dogs are very observing and the​ signal to​ stop barking can be so slight that your friends will not detect it,​ such as​ a​ movement of​ the​ foot or​ hand,​ a​ dropping of​ the​ eyelids or​ a​ shifting of​ your gaze,​ and if​ you​ keep up a​ running fire of​ conversation and address your dog as​ if​ he were a​ human being his performance will be much more impressive and perplexing.

As an​ illustration,​ if​ you​ are exhibiting your dog to​ an​ audience and want him to​ speak,​ don’t simply say “speak,​” but address him something like this: “Now,​ Buddy,​ all the​ ladies and gentlemen present are very anxious to​ hear you​ speak.” Put a​ slight emphasis on​ the​ word “speak” and your dog will catch it,​ but it​ will appear to​ the​ audience as​ if​ the​ dog understood the​ entire sentence and not only the​ one word “speak.” of​ course,​ when training the​ young dog you​ should use only the​ word “speak” and that distinctly and free from other words,​ so as​ not to​ confuse him.

If your dog knows how to​ speck on​ command,​ you​ can try to​ teach “singing” – which is​ to​ teach him to​ howl on​ command. it​ is​ not expected that your dog will produce any melody but only repeat in​ a​ mechanical way a​ series of​ whines and barks.

Teach him to​ “sing” in​ the​ following manner. Try to​ imitate a​ whine yourself and try to​ get him to​ imitate the​ noise you​ make and to​ a​ certain degree,​ reach the​ pitch and style of​ noise make by you,​ be it​ a​ howl,​ whine or​ bark and with constant practice,​ a​ dog can and will learn to​ follow your tone quite accurately.

As your dog learn to​ follow your barking,​ say “sing” instinctively to​ associate this action. Praise and treat plentifully during training to​ encourage him further. Exercise him on​ a​ regular basis will help him to​ learn to​ sing in​ no time on​ your command.

“Speak” and “Sing” are useful lessons in​ curbing a​ nuisance barking dog. Let your dog understand that barking and whining is​ only allowed on​ command. Simply ignore your dog whenever he barks and whine for your attention. Vice versa,​ give him lots of​ praise or​ treats when he barks on​ command. if​ your dog understands this lesson,​ he will no longer be a​ nuisance barker and be a​ good quiet boy for a​ long time to​ go.

Dog Trick To Cure A Nuisance Barker Training Buddy To Speak On Command

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