Dog Training Whose Advantage

Dog Training Whose Advantage

One night I slept off without locking up,​ Maisky kept watch at​ the​ door. Then about 3 AM I was roused from sleep by his loud barking under my bed. I opened my eyes to​ behold a​ man right inside my room,​ and I acted instinctively throwing my reading chair,​ which was by the​ bedside,​ at​ the​ intruder. He jumped out the​ room,​ and I quickly rushed and pushed the​
jam-lock-door to.

Then my heart started to​ dance to​ Maisky’s frenzy barking. I was almost going into cardiac arrest trying to​ quieten my dog who by now was bent on​ not leaving the​ security of​ the​ room. He was very afraid of​ the​ intruder whom he believed was out there waiting to​ get him.

Maisky’s barking was so intense,​ my heart beat synchronized it,​ sweat poured from my pores like leaking plumbing pipes. Under very severe cardiac pressure,​ I opened the​ door and quickly took Maisky’s chain,​ jammed the​ door back to​ and then began the​ labour of​ getting Maisky out from under the​ bed. I did eventually,​ chained him,​ and the​ fight to​ take him outside was not an​ easy one. My heart beat speed was killing me as​ it​ danced to​ the​ machine gun rhythm of​ Maisky’s barking.

Then I got the​ idea of​ a​ saving grace. Maisky loves me so much,​ so I feigned and slumped to​ the​ floor,​ and immediately Maisky’s barking turned to​ whining,​ its tail wagging as​ he came licking me all over compassionately,​ my heart beat slowed down,​ and soon normalised.

Maisky saved my property from the​ thief,​ and I saved myself from heart attack by dropping the​ panic induced aggression against a​ dear friend. Come to​ think of​ it,​ why should Maisky have agreed to​ be taken outside when the​ intruder was also out there in​ the​ dreadful night?
Consider the​ fact that he was the​ one who had a​ good look at​ the​ intruder and knew how mean the​ intruder was or​ had actually acted during their confrontation.

For the​ first time we lay together in​ the​ same room that night wondering about the​ intruder and what his intentions had been,​ with Maisky intermittently growling “honnnng!” And I was very proud of​ him.


It should be noted that had Maisky not been trained he would definitely have wondered away since he was unchained before I slept off. But the​ sense of​ responsibility inculcated into him through training kept him securing my place for more than 4 hours till 3 AM when the​ intruder happened. For this honourable act I rewarded Maisky with a​ sumptuous meal of​ stewed bones,​ rice and yoghurt the​ following day.

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