Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

Considered “man's best friend,​” dog training professionals have been disseminating more knowledge on​ how to​ make this animal live up to​ that title.

Here are tips that one should keep in​ mind in​ training his dog more easily.

Digging Behavior

Dogs,​ as​ social beings,​ consider digging as​ their outlet when they are lonely. Nutrient deficiency may also cause this digging. Also known as​ pica,​ they sometimes eat the​ dirt they dig to​ supplement their health. Spending more time with your dog and giving him a​ health check will keep his digging behavior at​ bay.

Potty Training

For dog potty training,​ a​ reward-based method will prove to​ be a​ very rewarding endeavor. Giving it​ a​ bit of​ dog food when it​ performs a​ good potty behavior will make it​ easier for it​ to​ remember the​ good thing that it​ did.

Repeat and Repeat

Considerable repetitions will give your dog ample time to​ grasp the​ command. Consistency is​ the​ name of​ the​ game. After doing enough repetitions,​ not helping him with the​ routine will test if​ the​ dog really got it. Three successful attempts in​ a​ row is​ a​ fine gauge in​ defining if​ it's just a​ fluke or​ if​ the​ dog has actually understood the​ drill.

Direct and Correct

Communicate to​ the​ dog how the​ drill should be. Be clear on​ what you​ want the​ dog to​ do. Just commanding the​ dog without correcting him if​ he did it​ wrongly is​ not advisable.

Timing is​ Gold

Timing means that you​ should consider the​ age of​ the​ dog when considering how to​ deal with him. it​ is​ best to​ train dogs while they are still puppies. Always remember that “old dogs can't learn new tricks” saying.

Be More Stubborn Than the​ Dog

Establishing rapport to​ the​ dog must always be in​ this order: you​ as​ the​ alpha dog (authoritative) and him as​ the​ submissive being. Show any sign of​ fear when he snaps back and you​ damage that rapport. Don't let the​ dog not complete the​ exercise. This will teach the​ dog to​ just hold out long enough for you​ give in​ to​ his preferences.

Be a​ Good Actor

Provide your puppy with an​ outlet for his chewing urges. Also,​ you​ may practice yelping loudly when your pup starts to​ chew on​ you. After yelping,​ fold your arms and for 10 minutes consider ignoring him. That response is​ the​ thing that happens when a​ pup becomes too rough on​ other puppies. But depending on​ your puppy's personality,​ he may react otherwise,​ such as​ biting more. in​ this case,​ use a​ more aggressive approach.

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