Dog Training Simplified

Dog Training Simplified

Dog training is​ both frustrating and rewarding. it​ kills you​ to​ torment your poor puppy for months on​ end,​ trying to​ get them to​ understand commands that to​ them probably seem irrelevant and arbitrary. However,​ when they finally learn it​ is​ best for all. you​ are happy because they no longer eat your furniture or​ run away from you​ in​ the​ park. I am also convinced the​ puppy is​ now happier because he has learned how to​ manipulate you. He has learned that when you​ are happy you​ give him treats and he has also learned the​ things that are most likely to​ make you​ happy.

This is​ of​ course a​ beneficial relationship for all concerned. you​ get what you​ want and the​ dog gets what he wants,​ making everyone more pleased. Some people say that the​ dog is​ actually happier because it​ craves rules and boundaries. Dogs will test you​ to​ see how far they can push you​ because they want you​ to​ define their limitations,​ to​ give them their place in​ the​ household. I am not sure how convincing I find this argument but it​ makes some sense,​ in​ the​ way it​ makes sense that children with rules and boundaries tend to​ be better adjusted as​ well.

For this reason among others dog training is​ an​ important part of​ any household that has a​ dog. I have seen the​ houses where the​ poor dog is​ locked outside all day and night with no affection and love because he is​ “out of​ control”. However in​ my experience this is​ normally because no one tried to​ control the​ dog and he was allowed to​ push his boundaries to​ the​ max until there ceased to​ be any. Dog training needs to​ be done,​ and to​ be done well in​ order for the​ dog to​ truly flourish.

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