Dog Training Obedience Easy To Understand Methods

Dog Training Obedience Easy To Understand Methods

Training your dog to​ be obedient is​ a​ long and frustrating process. All you​ want him to​ do is​ listen when you​ call him and yell at​ him,​ can that really be that complicated? But then when you​ think about it​ you​ think about how difficult it​ is​ to​ “train” children to​ do what you​ say,​ to​ follow rules and obey. Training your dog to​ be obedient is​ actually quite easy in​ comparison.

Dog training in​ obedience can get to​ be tiresome but of​ course is​ necessary for a​ happy home and happy dog. it​ seems to​ be a​ widely-held school of​ though that a​ well trained dog is​ a​ happy dog and of​ course,​ you​ are a​ happier person when your dog listens to​ you​ and doesn’t go to​ the​ bathroom on​ your carpet or​ chew on​ your furniture.

Most dogs are fairly smart animals and learn pretty quickly. And if​ all you​ want is​ the​ basics,​ dog training for obedience can go quite quickly. Sit,​ stay,​ heel,​ lie down,​ roll over,​ are all pretty easy concepts and things that most dogs do naturally so not really that hard to​ teach. Instead you​ only have to​ teach them to​ associate a​ hand signal or​ word you​ say with something they probably do every day.

of​ course here is​ where the​ dog treats come in; the​ basic reward for good behavior that every animal craves. the​ only problem is​ that they tend to​ associate the​ act they are to​ perform not only with your words or​ hand signals but also with the​ following reward and are quite disappointed when the​ treat ceases to​ follow. if​ your dog is​ anything like my dog then they probably cease to​ do whatever it​ is​ you​ wanted them to​ do. at​ this point you​ realize that your dog is​ probably going to​ be getting fat for a​ while.

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