Dog Terrier Type

Dog Terrier Type

A Glimpse on​ the​ Various Types of​ Terrier Dogs
Whatever your dog preference is,​ you​ are sure to​ find terrier dogs among the​ candidates for a​ pal .​
You’ll get energy you​ want with little grooming and added wit.
Basically bred for hunting and killing vermin,​ Terrier dogs are now known to​ offer wide spectrum of​ features and characters that you​ might find lovable .​
They are not as​ cuddly as​ toy dogs (while there are some terrier dogs in​ the​ toy and companion dog brackets) and they may not be as​ intelligent like other breeds but they set off these lacks with various things that only they can offer.
Let us discuss in​ brief some of​ the​ terrier dog types that you​ may find interesting:
Less aggressive but definitely not timid .​
This best describes Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers .​
They are definitely alert and very spirited,​ but when the​ call for steadiness arrives,​ they are sure to​ show you​ some air of​ confidence and steady disposition .​
This dog type too is​ gifted with intelligence which makes them very responsive with obedience training .​
Parson Russell Terrier is​ a​ dog type that exhibits boldness,​ cleverness,​ affection and exuberant disposition .​
While many may find this a​ playful pal,​ it​ is​ still not advisable for everyone to​ take Parson Russell home .​
In fact,​ formal obedience training is​ a​ must for owners since this dog type is​ more likely to​ display mischievousness and too much playfulness that make this a​ very independent pet .​
For people with active lifestyles and those who can tolerate explorative disposition,​ this scamp is​ the​ best for you.
The Norwich Terrier,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ is​ a​ type of​ dog that resulted from breeding small Terriers with other smaller breeds,​ possibly Yorkshire Terriers .​
Maintenance of​ Norwich Terrier is​ minimal and they are content with modest living quarters .​
They have active disposition though and can be affectionate and fearless .​
Additionally,​ they are also known to​ display stocky and happy personalities which make them ideal pals.
Much like the​ Norwich Terriers,​ Norfolk Terriers are also well-spirited,​ fearless,​ charming and always ready for game .​
While both may have some similar physical characteristics,​ Norfolks can still be distinguished through their folds in​ the​ ears.
Basically workman-like dogs,​ Kerry Blue Terriers are excellent watchdogs and work well in​ farm settings .​
This dog got its name from its blue-shade coat color which was originally black during puppyhood.
Wire Fox Terriers are of​ great interest since they display power through its excellent endurance capabilities and speed .​
Alertness and quick movements are the​ dominant expressions of​ this dog type .​
It is​ advisable though that the​ owner trains this dog and should be given enough doses of​ daily exercises.
Meanwhile,​ Smooth Fox Terriers are the​ frolic and lively types of​ dogs that are ideal in​ both country and city living .​
Displaying intelligence and cleverness,​ this dog makes good trainees and must be well credited by that .​
They are also likely to​ show great affection towards their owners.
These are just some of​ the​ many terrier dog types that can be considered as​ your next pets .​
In general,​ this dog type has good dispositions and makes ideal home pets .​
While some may display obscure aggressiveness,​ this still does not negate the​ fact that most types have the​ capacity to​ develop affection and keen expression of​ their attachment to​ their owners .​
Be warned though that some dog types in​ this breed can be very playful and should be given enough amount of​ attention and time during obedience training and exercises .​

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