Dog Sports For Every Breed

Dog Sports For Every Breed

Engaging in​ sports is​ not only for humans. it​ is​ also well-loved by our best friend,​ the​ dog. Dog sports do not only make a​ dog's life fun,​ but healthy,​ as​ well. Here is​ a​ list of​ dog sports that you​ may want your dog to​ get involved into depending on​ his breed,​ of​ course.


This is​ when a​ dog moves through an​ obstacle course,​ i.e.,​ contact obstacles,​ tunnels,​ jump,​ etc.,​ as​ guided by his or​ her handler. What controls the​ dog is​ only its handler's voice and body language. Without a​ leash,​ obedience training is​ the​ major requirement for a​ dog to​ enjoy this sport. Speed and accuracy are the​ names of​ this game.


Large breeds usually participate in​ this dog sport. it​ mainly involves the​ dog pulling a​ cart filled with supplies like firewood or​ other farm goods,​ sometimes even pulling people. it​ is​ also known as​ dry land mushing and sulky driving and is​ well-known and practiced all over the​ world.

Frisbee Dog

Commonly known as​ disc dog,​ frisbee dog competition is​ about a​ dog and a​ human disc thrower competing in​ events such as​ a​ choreographed freestyle catching and distance catching. the​ division of​ events on​ this kind of​ dog sport depends on​ the​ handler's skill and experience. What makes this one of​ the​ most popular dog sports is​ that any kind of​ dog can participate.


This dog sport is​ a​ relay wherein teams of​ dogs race against each other leaving their handlers. These teams need to​ surmount four hurdles that are placed 3 meters apart from each other. Then,​ they have to​ reach a​ box that will release a​ tennis ball that needs to​ be caught when the​ dog presses the​ pad which is​ spring-loaded. Then,​ they have to​ go back to​ their respective handlers while carrying the​ ball.


It is​ a​ sport where one or​ more dogs pull an​ unmotorized scooter in​ which a​ human is​ riding. it​ is​ similar to​ another dog sport done in​ the​ winter known as​ mushing,​ only dog scooter involves fewer dogs and instead of​ a​ dogsled used in​ mushing,​ a​ scooter is​ used. Like sled dogs,​ dogs that are doing scootering wear harnesses and are hooked to​ the​ scooter using a​ gangline.

Sheepdog Trial

Also known as​ "dog trial",​ this is​ one of​ the​ competitive dog sports in​ which breeds that are into herding move sheep around a​ field,​ gates,​ fences or​ enclosures as​ directed by their handlers. Think of​ "babe" the​ movie about a​ pig. This is​ more popular in​ UK,​ Canada,​ Ireland,​ the​ USA,​ New Zealand,​ Australia and other farming nations.

Dog Sports For Every Breed

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