Dog Shows

Dog Shows

Dog Shows
Dog shows,​ breed shows or​ conformation shows are competitions where the​ judges examine dogs of​ a​ specific breed or​ sometimes dogs of​ all breeds,​ to​ see whether it​ meets the​ breed standards or​ not. Kennel clubs and breed clubs conduct such kinds of​ shows. Shows where only specific breeds are examined are known as​ specialty show.
The standards are set prior to​ the​ show by the​ judges of​ the​ show. During the​ show,​ they choose dogs,​ which match the​ set standards. This task is​ extremely difficult because the​ judgments made should be completely subjective. Not only is​ one dog compared with the​ other,​ but the​ comparison of​ the​ dog to​ the​ judges image of​ an ideal dog which meet the​ breed standard almost perfectly. the​ objective of​ each dog show is​ to​ select a​ winner dog,​ which matches the​ breed standards.
The breed standard is​ jotted down in​ a​ long list,​ which is​ called a​ conformation point. All the​ judges get together and frame the​ conformation point. Conformation point can vary from one competition to​ another,​ but there are certain requirements that are general. the​ fur is​ the​ most important factor. the​ pets color,​ pattern,​ length,​ type and quality are observed carefully. the​ distribution,​ quality and quantity of​ the​ markings are observed.
Healthy skin with no pigmentation is​ also one of​ the​ important criterions. the​ shape and color of​ the​ head is​ also taken into consideration. the​ general attitude and temperament is​ noted down for each breed of​ dogs. the​ jawline and the​ structure of​ the​ teeth and how they align when the​ jaw is​ closed are compared. Shape and color of​ the​ eyes and shape and set of​ the​ ears are observed. the​ sizes and the​ ratio of​ the​ length and height are also compared. the​ style of​ walking and gait is​ compared. the​ shape of​ the​ tail and feet are closely observed. the​ dogs,​ which enter such competition,​ should be well groomed. Some even check for skin wrinkles and measure the​ flews. the​ name of​ each participating dog should be registered. Every dogs name is​ attached with the​ breeders kennel name. Every dog can have a​ registered name as​ well as​ a​ call name. the​ kennel club uses the​ registered name and the​ owner to​ refer to​ the​ pet uses the​ call name.
There are many dog shows conducted on​ various levels. There are local shows and national shows,​ which attract competitors from different parts of​ the​ country. Usually dog shows are hierarchical competitions. the​ winners earn certain points in​ each show and each level,​ which makes them eligible for the​ next show. And the​ dog which wins shows that are at​ the​ highest level is​ declared as​ a​ champion. Ch. ,​ for example Ch. Tony,​ appends the​ dogs name. Such shows are called as​ prestigious shows.
These shows allow pets,​ which have already won championship in​ other shows. These shows aim to​ choose the​ best in​ the​ breed. Such shows make the​ reputation of​ the​ dog,​ breeder and kennel higher. the​ price of​ the​ puppies of​ that particular dog is​ sold for a​ surprisingly high price. This is​ because other people want to​ buy a​ pet,​ which resembles the​ champion. the​ popularity of​ the​ breed increases rapidly. There are two such prestigious shows,​ the​ Crufts in​ the​ United Kingdom and the​ Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in​ the​ United States.
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