Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training

Which dog owner won't feel proud of​ his disciplined dog? Reversely,​ who won't feel ashamed of​ an​ unruly dog? it​ is​ very important for your dog to​ be absolutely obedient to​ commands of​ his owner. you​ can't expect your dog to​ be obedient by birth or​ nature. you​ have to​ take pains to​ make him understand obey your commands.

Obedience training to​ your dog can be imparted in​ many ways - two of​ the​ more popular methods are typically carrot and stick methods. First method heavily depends on​ the​ stick or​ punishment approach. Second method deals with the​ reward system for the​ dog.

Leash and collar method of​ dog obedience training has survived for a​ long time now. it​ is​ primitive but still mostly followed. the​ premises of​ this training method are based here - leash will be the​ mode of​ communication with the​ dog. Dog must understand the​ commands,​ and if​ not obeyed to,​ leash should be put to​ action. Using leash alone is​ not sufficient - dog must be made aware of​ the​ good and bad behavior. Once tracked on​ the​ path to​ bad behavior,​ dog can be punished with the​ leash.

Reward system doesn't believe in​ punishing the​ dog. it​ follows psychological approach to​ deal with dog training. Dog is​ made to​ know the​ good parts of​ behavior and rewarded for the​ same. His ugly behavior is​ neglected in​ the​ form of​ psychological treatment. the​ trainer or​ owner walks away from the​ dog immediately after the​ show of​ bad behavior. Dog is​ an​ intelligent animal to​ understand the​ difference between the​ bad and good behavior.

Whatever technique is​ used for dog obedience training,​ it​ is​ important to​ know that the​ training must be consistent. Dogs get easily confused due to​ double standards employed. if​ you​ expect your dog never to​ jump on​ the​ bed,​ never let or​ invite him on​ the​ bed. Ensure that your dog never reaches the​ bed.

Obedience training starts on​ the​ fundamental issues like sitting,​ standing,​ walking,​ listening to​ your commands & following those,​ sitting in​ the​ car,​ etc.

The dog owner can easily impart obedience training. you​ may find alternates to​ this by getting your dog enrolled with some obedience classes or​ dog instructor. Evaluate all the​ training techniques,​ methods,​ equipment,​ infrastructure,​ experience,​ etc before taking the​ final decision on​ outside help. Remember,​ the​ most ideal way will be yourself to​ be the​ instructor. Your dog will love it.

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