Dog Obedience A Quick And Easy Way To Train Your Dog To Obey The WAIT

Dog Obedience A Quick And Easy Way To Train Your Dog To Obey The WAIT Command

How many times have you​ tried to​ teach your dog or​ puppy to​ obey the​ WAIT command,​ only to​ discover that your dog doesn't want to​ WAIT?

Training your dog to​ WAIT can be very challenging because most dogs are easily distracted. Dogs are also naturally energetic and inattentive. Your dog may have difficulty comprehending the​ WAIT command because it​ necessitates inactivity.

As we all know,​ it​ doesn't take long for a​ dog to​ become restless and bored! That is​ why the​ WAIT command is​ so difficult to​ teach! Here is​ an​ easy way to​ train your dog to​ obey the​ WAIT command:

1. Put your dog on​ a​ short leash and walk him to​ the​ front door.

Using a​ leash will allow you​ to​ control your dog better when he doesn't respond to​ the​ WAIT command at​ first.

Open the​ door just enough for you​ to​ squeeze through and go outside,​ leaving your dog on​ the​ inside. Now your dog will be one side with you​ on​ the​ other and the​ leash hanging in​ between.

You might try giving your dog the​ SIT command at​ first. a​ dog that is​ in​ a​ sitting position will tend to​ be still a​ bit longer than if​ he were standing up.

2. Slowly open the​ door just a​ small amount.

Hold up the​ palm of​ your hand in​ a​ STOP position and say WAIT!

Don't be disappointed if​ your dog tries to​ shove open the​ door and come rushing toward you! Your dog,​ not knowing this command,​ is​ probably going to​ scramble to​ push through the​ door.

3. Shut the​ door quickly as​ soon as​ your dog starts to​ move toward you.

This will halt the​ dog in​ his tracks.

Okay,​ now repeat step two. Now watch your dog closely. the​ first time that he doesn't try to​ rush through the​ door may only last a​ mere second!

When your dog finally comprehends the​ WAIT command and pauses,​ lavish him with praise and give him a​ release command (OKAY!) to​ let him comethrough the​ door.

4. Practice,​ practice,​ practice!

Keep repeating the​ steps described above. Your dog will eventually learn that when he mellows out and WAITS that you​ will allow him to​ pass through the​ front door.

5. Once your dog learns to​ obey the​ WAIT command from the​ SIT position,​ try teaching him the​ command while he is​ standing up.

This is​ a​ much harder position for your dog to​ master the​ WAIT command from. He is​ going to​ want to​ move around or​ even SIT.

Be consistent with your training and practice this routine at​ every opportunity. Be sure to​ give your dog lots of​ praise and positive reinforcement. Soon,​ your dog will understand what you​ want and will easily respond to​ the​ WAIT command!

Training your dog to​ obey the​ WAIT command takes time,​ patience and practice. But the​ end result will be worth it! Eventually,​ you​ will be rewarded with a​ dog that no longer bolts out the​ door every time you​ open it!

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