Dog Kennels And Dog Care

Dog Kennels And Dog Care

A dog-boarding kennel is​ a​ safe and secure place for your pet to​ stay while you​ are on​ vacation or​ at​ times when you​ may not be able to​ have your pet with you. One of​ the​ best benefits of​ having your pet in​ a​ boarding kennel as​ opposed to​ leaving your pet with family and friends is​ that you​ know your pet will be kept safe,​ secure and well looked after by the​ kennel owners and staff. the​ best boarding kennels fill up quickly over the​ holidays and at​ favorite vacationing times. if​ you​ intend to​ go away at​ this time,​ make sure that you​ book your pet into the​ facility as​ early as​ possible.

Putting your dog into a​ boarding kennel will provide you​ with the​ peace of​ mind that you​ need in​ order to​ enjoy your vacation. a​ professional facility will provide around the​ clock care of​ your pet. the​ employees will be well trained and have experience in​ detecting the​ signs of​ distress or​ illness in​ your pet. There will usually be a​ vet either on​ premises or​ on​ call at​ the​ boarding kennel at​ all times.

Most of​ the​ time,​ a​ boarding kennel facility will be a​ member of​ the​ boarding kennel association. This means that the​ facility has been provided with proper training and direction and will adhere to​ strict guidelines in​ the​ quality care of​ your pet. a​ qualified and professional center will provide you​ with a​ tour of​ the​ facility and provide information about the​ care of​ your pet including the​ type of​ food it​ will be given and how often it​ will be exercised.

If you​ have special needs or​ your pet needs to​ be given medication,​ the​ staff at​ the​ boarding kennel will be able to​ provide this for your pet. you​ should make sure that the​ boarding kennel that you​ are thinking using is​ well ventilated,​ clean and comfortable for your pet. you​ ensure this easily by going to​ visit the​ boarding kennel and taking a​ tour of​ the​ facility. it​ will help ease your mind if​ you​ visit the​ boarding kennel and meet the​ people who will be taking care of​ your pet. This is​ a​ great time to​ ask any questions and express any concerns that you​ have about leaving your pet while on​ vacation.

Many boarding kennels will require that you​ bring proof of​ your pet’s immunization history and have your pet come to​ the​ center free of​ fleas and ticks. This is​ in​ the​ best interest of​ both you​ and your pet as​ you​ will know that the​ other pets in​ the​ facility are clean and free of​ parasites and disease.

Prices for boarding are quite reasonable and usually start as​ low as​ $12 per day. Luxury suites will be more expensive. There are many kennels that provide discounts for long term boarding. When leaving your pet at​ a​ boarding kennel it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ make your farewell quick and formal. This will reduce the​ amount of​ stress that your pet will suffer after you​ leave.

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