Dog Heroes All Time Heroes

Dog Heroes All Time Heroes

Everyday,​ people witness countless acts of​ heroism,​ big and small. Heroes,​ too,​ come in​ different shapes and sizes,​ forms and breeds,​ man and animals alike. Dolphins,​ seals,​ horses,​ cats and whales are just a​ few from the​ animal kingdom that displays tremendous protective instincts that save man from all sorts of​ danger. But nothing beats “the man’s best friend”.

After displays of​ great courage and bravery during World War I,​ dogs have seen a​ different light. They were thrust into the​ limelight unknowingly. Since then,​ dogs have been called to​ as​ all time heroes – recognized,​ rescued,​ trained and cared for by man. All kinds of​ award were given to​ dogs to​ celebrate their heroism and saving prowess such as​ the​ “Dog Hero of​ the​ Year Award.”

The dogs carry on​ a​ long line of​ lifesavers. They have shown unthinkable acts of​ saving adults and children alike in​ grave danger like fire,​ drowning,​ road and home accidents,​ intruders and robbers,​ and even in​ a​ huge tragedy like 9/11. the​ images of​ heroic dogs finding possible survivors or​ even lost bodies under rubbles and debris in​ ground zero crushed the​ hearts of​ many Americans.

These canine heroes come from all breeds,​ backgrounds and locations. Take note,​ they are not pedigreed. These dog heroes are not at​ all dominated by big dogs,​ though they are often used for the​ purpose of​ national security. Their breeds vary from the​ famous German Shepherd,​ Saint Bernard and Collies (remember Lassie?) to​ Poodle,​ Labrador,​ American Pit Bull Terrier,​ Chesapeake Bay Retriever,​ Cocker Spaniel,​ Doberman,​ Pinscher,​ English Springer Spaniel,​ Golden Retriever,​ Great Dane,​ Newfoundland,​ Rottweiler,​ Shetland,​ Sheepdog,​ Terrier and Weimaraner.

During the​ Vietnam War,​ 4,​000 dogs were recruited to​ assist and protect U.S. troops,​ thus prevented an​ estimate of​ 10,​000 plus American casualties. at​ that time,​ they were considered “surplus armaments”. They were either euthanized or​ left to​ their fates in​ Vietnam. Now,​ books and documentaries preserved the​ memories of​ countless canines that aided in​ the​ protection of​ mankind.

Today,​ dog heroes play an​ even more critical role in​ the​ fight against terrorism. the​ ability of​ dogs to​ detect bombs is​ already proven since World War I. a​ German shepherd’s nose has 250 billion smelling cells to​ give it​ the​ ability to​ detect a​ target odor amidst all other odors.

Breeds do not guarantee a​ “dog hero status.” Like men,​ dogs need a​ rare set of​ attributes to​ stand out: intelligence,​ being calm even in​ the​ presence of​ loud noise,​ focus amidst distractions and a​ compulsive desire to​ play with a​ toy. After all,​ the​ game is​ to​ find the​ scent and get the​ toy.

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