Dog Grooming Caring For The Ears

Dog Grooming Caring For The Ears

Dogs ears are prone to​ infection as​ you​ might already have noticed if​ you​ have a​ dog with problem ears. if​ your dog keeps getting infections here is​ some information that might help you​ deal with chronic ear infections.

Dog ear infections are usually called Otits Externa; this means an​ infection in​ the​ outer ear. (Otis Interna means an​ infection of​ the​ inner ear). Outer ear infections account for 90% of​ the​ infections in​ dogs; making ear infection the​ most common infection for a​ dog to​ be treated for. Ear mites can often accompany ear infections.

Dogs with allergies may experience more ear infections than other dogs. it​ can be caused by wax build up inside the​ ear. it​ can also be caused by long hair blocking the​ passage of​ air and creating a​ buildup of​ not only wax but also dirt and debris.

Regular ear cleaning will also get the​ pet used to​ having his ears handled which will make it​ easier to​ administer treatment.

You can prevent these infections by cleaning your dogs ears well and as​ part of​ your regular grooming regime. Cleaning your dog's ears is​ simple and you​ only need a​ soft cloth and some ear cleanser. Lift the​ ears and massage some cleanser into the​ ear this should loosen the​ dirt.

Regualr ear cleaning is​ a​ powerful preventative measure; particularly if​ you​ have a​ dog who is​ at​ a​ high risk for ear infections. Ear infections are more common in​ dogs that swim often for example. Water inside the​ ears can be a​ problem for dogs who are essentially not designed for water.

You can spot an​ ear infection on​ your dog by looking for the​ following tell tale signs:

-smelly ears


-excessive head shaking


-redness in​ the​ ears

If your dog seems uncomfortable or​ is​ excessively scratching their ears it's probably causing a​ great deal of​ distress. if​ you​ pet is​ scratching too hard this can even break blood vessels and cause swelling and bleeding.

You can try cleaning your dogs ears with white vinegar to​ remove dirt from the​ ear and promote the​ growth of​ good bacteria. Use the​ vinegar in​ the​ same way as​ the​ ear cleanser - pour it​ on​ and wipe gently inside the​ ear with the​ cloth or​ cotton. This might help ease the​ infection or​ even clear it​ up if​ the​ problem was not too severe to​ start. if​ the​ infection is​ serious its time to​ call the​ vet. it​ can be cleared up easily. Most often the​ dog will need some antibiotics to​ help clear the​ problem.

If your dog has recurring ear infections the​ vet might suggest that you​ clip the​ hair around the​ ear or​ the​ vet might clip the​ hair around the​ ear. This often helps. if​ the​ problem is​ more extreme than that the​ vet might suggest surgery to​ allow for easier drainage of​ the​ ear canal.

Some breeds are more prone to​ chronic ear infections than others any breed of​ dog with large ears or​ particularly small ears will get ear infections easier than some other breeds. Now that you​ know what to​ look for you​ should be able to​ detect ear infections before they become a​ serious problem

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