Dog Gets Into Water Garden When Owner Is At Work

Dog Gets Into Water Garden When Owner Is At Work

Dear Mr. Katz,​

I've read your book and it's been interesting as​ well as​ helpful - it's taught me to​ teach my dog some new behaviors and discipline.

However,​ I wouldn't be writing if​ I still didn't have a​ lingering problem.

The water garden is​ obviously too much fun to​ ignore. And there's birds landing in​ there to​ take a​ bath! I'm nearly convinced it's the​ birds tempting her,​ but I could be wrong. I don't think she really sees the​ fish.

In any case,​ I have tried the​ Snappy Trainers - the​ devices that work like a​ mouse trap but just make a​ big noise when tripped. She does not like them at​ all. But either I don't have enough of​ them or​ something else is​ getting her attention to​ the​ point that they don't matter. I have also tried leaving her in​ the​ house - that works too,​ but in​ the​ long run,​ I'd rather have her outdoors. as​ a​ side note,​ my fiancé's Malamute was here for a​ week and also thinks the​ pond is​ the​ cat's meow - and she's the​ last dog we thought would venture into that much water. Help.


Dear Sue:

It's the​ same as​ house-proofing your dog,​ garden-proofing,​ etc...

You need to​ keep the​ dog confined to​ a​ dog run when you​ cannot supervise him.

Only allow him to​ run free in​ the​ yard when you​ can spy on​ him. This may take a​ couple of​ months or​ more,​ but the​ benefits will be a​ lifetime of​ reliability.

This is​ really the​ type of​ behavior where an​ electronic collar makes life easy. Instead of​ running outside to​ correct the​ dog,​ the​ dog instead things that the​ correction came from the​ water garden itself. This makes the​ training process a​ LOT FASTER. (Ever notice how quickly dogs learn not to​ play around in​ thorny rose bushes???)

If you​ don't want to​ get an​ e-collar,​ then leave the​ training collar on​ the​ dog,​ and do the​ "No,​ no,​ no" routine that I outlined in​ the​ book. This will work just the​ same.

That's all for now,​ folks!

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