Dog Foe Or Friend

Dog Foe Or Friend

Of all the​ animals of​ the​ world the​ dog has proved itself the​ most adept at​ learning. Dog obedience is​ a​ very desirable aspect of​ dog and man relationship,​ but unfortunately most dogs even though domesticated,​ lack dog obedience.

This singular characteristic of​ dogs,​ however,​ has not discouraged man from keeping dogs as​ his best friend. Rather a​ lot of​ effort has been made to​ teach dogs obedience and responsibility. to​ this end lots of​ dog trainers,​ dog schools and books are now available for dog owners who are desirous of​ transforming their dogs into humanlike companions having the​ capabilities to​ think fast enough to​ react to​ different commands and thereby answer to​ the​ others needs.

Dogs have been trained for use by the​ Police,​ the​ army,​ the​ physically challenged and these dogs have equated themselves quite creditably. There are stories of​ Dogs who have saved their master’s lives and property. Trained dogs engage in​ sporting competitions and have worn laurels for their owners. Other trained dogs have been of​ immense value during search and rescue operations after natural,​ accidental or​ terrorist disasters.

But none of​ this praise worthy dog actions is​ possible without good dog training. Untrained dogs are very dangerous and become nuisance to​ the​ family and society at​ large. Untrained dogs are known to​ have the​ habit of​ chewing up things in​ the​ house especially shoes and furniture; putting their mouths in​ food items and generally disrupting the​ normal family set up. Dogs aggressions have caused both health problems and even deaths to​ family members ,​ strangers and neighbours.

This situation has led to​ many dog owners killing or​ sending into the​ streets their former pet dogs. Most of​ which can be found in​ shelters all over the​ country. Now let me say that a​ dog is​ not responsible for its level of​ intelligence,​ rather its owner is​ responsible for a​ dogs behaviour. the​ truth is​ that a​ dog is​ capable of​ learning,​ so it​ behoves dog owners to​ ensure that their dogs get real training in​ order to​ get the​ best out of​ them.

That the​ relationship between man and dog is​ inalienable is​ so obvious. What is​ not quite clear is​ whether all dog owners are well informed as​ to​ how to​ go about ensuring that their dogs get the​ training that makes them responsible members of​ society.

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