Dog Fleas Fidos Pesky Little Friends

Dog Fleas Fidos Pesky Little Friends

When summer comes around,​ so do fleas -- those little creatures that can make your dog's life (and yours) miserable. There are things you​ can do to​ minimize the​ chances of​ flea infestation and other measures you​ can take if​ they have already invaded your home.

First let’s look at​ the​ steps necessary to​ keep the​ fleas away; without using chemicals. This natural flea prevention will work best to​ prevent fleas from taking hold and can also be used if​ you​ have a​ very light flea infestation.

Keep your carpets vacuumed! Vacuum daily and get some wide tape to​ seal up the​ vacuum bags as​ soon as​ you​ remove them from the​ vacuum cleaner. if​ you​ DON'T have small children around,​ use pennyroyal leaves either fresh (if available) or​ dried and spread them around your carpet to​ repel fleas.

Keep your dog's bedding clean by washing it​ in​ warm water and soap. When it​ is​ dry apply some cedar oil to​ the​ bedding to​ help repel the​ fleas. Keep the​ area around your dog's bed free of​ dust and dirt.

Give your dog a​ bath once a​ week with cedar shampoo (bathing more frequently may dry out its skin). if​ your dog does get dry skin it​ will attract fleas -- just what you​ don't want. Give a​ dog with dry skin some Linatone oil mixed with its food. Something else you​ can mix,​ in​ very small doses,​ with your dogs food to​ repel fleas is​ a​ mixture of​ garlic and brewer's yeast. With this mixture in​ the​ dog's system,​ it​ will give off a​ scent that you​ won't be able to​ notice but fleas will notice it​ and they hate it.

If you​ mix lavender oil (60 ml) with rock salt (2.8 liters) you​ will have a​ great flea repellent that can be spread around the​ places where your dog goes and can also be used as​ a​ dog shampoo.

Fill your outside flower beds with marigolds -- they have natural flea repellent properties and also repel other bugs.

Try boiling either lemon peels or​ orange peels in​ water to​ create a​ solution that can be used as​ a​ dog dip and can be used on​ the​ dogs bedding before washing it.

Another effective dog dip,​ if​ you​ are experiencing a​ light infestation,​ is​ warm water,​ shampoo and laundry detergent; immerse the​ dog’s body in​ this for ten or​ fifteen minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

If you​ have a​ heavy flea infestation you​ may have to​ resort to​ chemicals -- all these products can be used safely if​ you​ follow the​ directions that come with the​ products.

Advantage. Advantage is​ a​ flea poison made by Bayer. Apply the​ Advantage (liquid) to​ the​ dog's coat as​ directed. Advantage should work for about one month,​ Advantage's active ingredient,​ imidacloprid,​ upsets the​ nervous system of​ any flea that comes in​ contact with it. Advantage kills flea's fast and should kill all the​ fleas on​ the​ dog in​ about two days; but it​ is​ not absorbed into the​ dog's bloodstream or​ internal organs. the​ active ingredient,​ imidacloprid is​ a​ chloronicotinyl nitroguanidine,​ integrated from the​ nitromethylene class of​ a​ compound. the​ imidacloprid affects the​ nicotinyl receptor sites of​ insects and upsets the​ flea's normal nerve transmission,​ resulting in​ death. Advantage costs $15 to​ $20 for a​ set of​ two vials.

Frontline. Frontline is​ very similar to​ Advantage but it​ is​ not water soluble; this means alcohol is​ required to​ wash it​ off the​ dog. Frontline is​ safe for use on​ puppies as​ well as​ adult dogs,​ kittens and adult cats and it​ will work for approximately four months.
The active ingredients in​ Frontline include: Fipronil 5-amino -1- (2,​ 6-dichloro-4 [trifluoromethyl]phenyl) -4- (1,​R,​S)- (trifluoromethyl0sulfinyl) -1H-pryazole-3-carbonitrile 0.29% inert ingredients 99.71%. Fipronil,​ from the​ new phenylpyrazole class,​ is​ very effective at​ killing fleas by attacking their nervous systems. Fipronil is​ safe for use on​ dogs and cats that are not allergic to​ it. Tests have shown that Fipronil will kill up to​ 95% of​ a​ pet's fleas within two hours and all the​ fleas within the​ first 24 hours -- ticks are killed instantly on​ contact.

Knockout. Knockout is​ as​ effective as​ Frontline and works in​ the​ same way but Knockout can not be used on​ cats.
Knockout's active ingredients are: Pyriproxyfen: 21[1-methyl-2-(phenoxyphenoxy)ethyoxy] pyridine....0.05% cyclopropanecarboxylate 2.00% inert ingredients 97.95% Knockout also contains NYLAR,​ a​ flea-growth regulator.

Biospot. Biospot is​ used topically,​ like the​ other products and,​ in​ tests,​ killed up to​ three quarters of​ the​ fleas,​ ticks and their eggs; like Knockout,​ Biospot can NOT be safely used on​ cats. Biospot works for about one month and can also be used as​ a​ mosquito repellant. Biospot has been known to​ temporarily turn the​ white hair on​ a​ dogs coat to​ yellow.
Biospot contains permethrins and IGR.

Proban and Prospot. the​ Proban (cythioate) and Prospot (Fenthion) products are also for use on​ dogs only and they are very popular. Proban and Prospot are actually absorbed in​ the​ dog’s bloodstream,​ poisoning any fleas that bite the​ dog. the​ fact that these products are poisonous to​ fleas combined with the​ fact that you​ are actually allowing this poison to​ be absorbed in​ the​ dog's blood stream,​ may be cause for concern. There are no published (or known?) side effects. Another factor to​ consider about these last two products is​ that they do not repel fleas,​ they will only work if​ a​ flea bites the​ dog -- if​ the​ dog has a​ flea allergy this would not be the​ product of​ choice.

Dog Fleas Fidos Pesky Little Friends

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