Dog Fleas Can Cause More Than Itching

Dog Fleas Can Cause More Than Itching

Simple facts about dog fleas:

Fleas are probably the​ most successful creatures on​ the​ planet in​ terms of​ reproduction. There are over 2,​400 species and they are difficult to​ control for a​ variety of​ reasons: One female flea will produce 25,​000 offspring in​ one month. an​ unfed adult can live for several months. the​ chemicals used to​ eradicate adult dog fleas have no effect on​ the​ eggs. Fleas are very good at​ mutating to​ resist new pesticides.

Fleas are a​ menace to​ dogs! They cause allergic dermatitis,​ tapeworms,​ and anemia. Most of​ the​ eggs are not laid on​ the​ dog but in​ the​ dog's bedding,​ in​ the​ rug,​ and on​ the​ furniture. it​ is​ extremely difficult to​ eradicate fleas completely. the​ most you​ can hope for is​ to​ control them and to​ keep your dog reasonably comfortable during the​ warm,​ moist flea season.

The best way to​ control dog fleas is​ to​ remove them from your dog and your house. Take him to​ a​ groomer for the​ day and have him bathed with veterinarian-approved flea shampoo. Spraying or​ dipping him with a​ residual pesticide has little or​ no lasting effect. While he is​ out of​ the​ house,​ hire a​ company that uses a​ non-toxic product to​ spray the​ carpets and the​ furniture. These companies usually guarantee a​ flea-free home for one year.

Some dogs are bothered more by the​ use of​ pesticides than they are by fleas. Flea collars,​ sprays,​ powders,​ and shampoos are all loaded with pesticides. Beware! if​ your dog is​ into serious scratching,​ your veterinarian can prescribe medication for the​ itching. it​ is​ also very important that you​ discus with your veterinarian which products you​ should use on​ your pet to​ rid him (or her) of​ dog fleas. There are a​ lot of​ products on​ the​ market that claim to​ get rid of​ fleas; not all of​ them work and some could be harmful to​ your dog.

From this point on,​ it​ is​ important for you​ to​ vacuum the​ carpets,​ furniture,​ and your dog's bedding everyday. Place the​ cut-off end of​ a​ flea collar,​ or​ a​ moth crystal,​ into your vacuum cleaner bag to​ kill any vacuumed adult fleas. Vacuum the​ dog if​ he will let you! Groom him daily with a​ flea comb. Do not be surprised if​ you​ occasionally find a​ flea on​ him. He will bring them in​ from outside. Remember,​ you​ cannot get rid of​ them,​ only control them.

Dog Fleas Can Cause More Than Itching

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