Dog Crates Demystified

Dog Crates Demystified

If you​ are a​ dog owner but don't own a​ dog crate,​ then you​ are missing out! Dog crates make pet ownership much easier,​ and are a​ great way to​ train man's best friend. They also provide a​ safe haven for your dog to​ rest and relax,​ and are very useful if​ you​ travel. So,​ what should you​ look for in​ a​ dog crate? Depending upon the​ crate's main use,​ you'll want to​ consider safety,​ size,​ durability,​ and how easy it​ is​ to​ clean.

Safety First

To determine whether a​ particular dog crate is​ a​ safe choice for your particular pet,​ take a​ good look at​ its design. How does the​ front door close? Steer clear of​ spring-loaded doors,​ which can snap shut on​ unsuspecting paws and tails. if​ the​ dog crate is​ wire,​ make sure that the​ grid size is​ small enough so that your dog's paws can't fall through. And it​ goes without saying that there should be no sharp edges or​ exposed wires.

Determine the​ Crate's Intended Use

How you​ are going to​ use the​ dog crate should determine which kind you​ purchase. For example,​ if​ you​ travel by car a​ foldable,​ wire crate will fit the​ bill. if​ you​ travel by airplane you'll most likely want a​ plastic,​ airline-approved model. Both wire and plastic crates are easy to​ clean and durable. Wire crates have the​ added benefits of​ increased visibility and ventilation.


The size of​ the​ crate is​ very important. the​ crate should be large enough so that the​ dog has plenty of​ room,​ but not so large that it​ isn't cozy. the​ dog should have plenty of​ room to​ stand up and turn around,​ but should not be able to​ run from side to​ side. the​ only exception to​ this rule is​ if​ you​ are buying the​ crate for a​ puppy. in​ that case,​ you'll want a​ crate that your dog can grow into.

More Dog Crate Tips

Throughout your dog's life there will definitely be situations in​ which he will need to​ be kenneled. to​ that end,​ getting your dog used to​ being crated is​ very important! Show your dog that his crate is​ a​ safe place by placing comfortable blankets,​ appealing toys,​ and tasty treats inside. And never,​ ever use your dog's crate as​ a​ means of​ punishment. the​ goal is​ to​ get your dog to​ love,​ accept,​ and find comfort in​ his crate,​ and he'll never do that if​ he comes to​ associate it​ with negative circumstances. While a​ crate can be a​ very important part of​ your dog's overall training,​ don't use it​ to​ isolate your pet because of​ bad behavior.

Where to​ Find Your Dog Crate

Dog crates in​ all different shapes and sizes,​ for a​ wide variety of​ purposes,​ are available from local and online pet retailers. Many pet-related retailers have articles and information regarding dog crates that can help you​ make the​ right choice.

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Dog Crates Demystified

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