Dog Crates And Cages

Dog Crates And Cages

So you​ are looking for a​ dog crate and you​ want the​ highest quality you​ can get for the​ best price. What options are available to​ you,​ and what are the​ pro’s and con’s of​ the​ various types of​ dog crate.

Firstly,​ let first look at​ the​ black epoxy coated crates. They look great when they are new,​ but they chip so easily and look tatty after only a​ few uses and let’s be honest if​ you​ are spending good money then you​ will want real value for your money and not something that is​ going look tatty within a​ short period of​ time.

Secondly,​ let’s consider those plastic bases that some companies put in​ the​ crates. Plastic bases often crack,​ and split and as​ well as​ this dogs often chew them,​ so in​ reality there is​ no advantage to​ a​ plastic base except for possibly saving the​ manufacturer a​ little money on​ material and labour costs?

Thirdly,​ there is​ chrome for cages - they look great,​ at​ first and then you​ find they also chip and flake because chrome is​ just another coating. Be aware that the​ flaking chrome if​ ingested by a​ dog could make them unwell. in​ fact you​ don’t really see many chrome ones around these days which is​ a​ good thing. So what are you​ left with?

Well you​ are left with galvanised crates. These are by far the​ best option,​ and the​ top quality galvanised crates have the​ following features:

• Galvanised for non-rust long lasting
• Polished finish
• Anti-tamper locks
• Very heavy gauge mesh frame
• Metal tray that can’t be chewed and wont split or​ crack
• Assembles in​ three moves
• Wont chip or​ flake
• Lasts for years
• Slide out tray
• Wholesale Prices

The major difference between types of​ galvanised dog crates is​ the​ gauge of​ the​ mesh used. Some companies are now offering 9mm gauge wire mesh which has incredible strength and lasts a​ long,​ long time.

Dog Crates / Dog Cages offer an​ effective way to​ housebreak puppies,​ keep your pets safe either at​ home or​ away or​ dog crates can also be used by professional show dog owners. Some crates now offer an​ innovative build and design that allows simple assembly and disassembly in​ seconds and are galvanised which prevents against rust and deterioration and is​ safe for your dog - this means they will look great for many years to​ come. When not in​ use,​ the​ cage/crate folds flat for easy transport and storage.

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Dog Crates And Cages

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