Dog Carriers Theres One That Works For You

Dog Carriers Theres One That Works For You

If you​ travel with your pet,​ you​ need a​ dog carrier. But which kind should you​ get? Carriers come in​ all different sizes. Some are rigid,​ and some are soft and pliable. the​ type of​ dog carrier you​ buy should depend on​ the​ size of​ your pet and the​ kind of​ traveling you​ do.

Travel by Car

If you​ travel by car,​ either a​ hard plastic or​ wire crate will do. Some wire crates fold down for storage and portability,​ which comes in​ extremely handy if​ your situation requires that you​ move the​ crate in​ and out of​ your vehicle. What size should the​ dog crate be? Well,​ take a​ good look at​ your dog! the​ crate should be large enough so that the​ dog can stand up,​ turn around,​ and lie down comfortably,​ but not so large that the​ dog slips around during travel.

Travel by Airplane

When choosing a​ dog carrier for airplane travel,​ you'll have to​ take airline size restrictions into consideration.

Better safe than sorry! you​ don't want to​ arrive at​ the​ airport only to​ find out that your carrier doesn't heed the​ restrictions. It's safe to​ check with the​ ticketing agent ahead of​ time regarding dog carrier size limits,​ but keep in​ mind that these rules usually refer to​ hard-sided dog carriers. Smaller dogs can be carried in​ soft-sided dog carriers like Sherpa Bags and the​ Pet Wheel-Away. Carriers such as​ these are approved for in-cabin use and can be stowed under the​ airplane seat.

Make sure the​ carrier has an​ absorbent liner. Some models are equipped with them. With others,​ an​ old towel or​ blanket should do the​ trick.

If you​ are still not sure which size and type of​ pet carrier to​ pick,​ check online retailers for manufacturer's guidelines. They can help you​ select the​ right size and type for your dog.

Comfort Counts

Remember,​ you​ are going to​ be the​ one toting the​ carrier around,​ so make sure it​ fits you​ well! the​ carrier should be light enough for you​ to​ manage over the​ distance you​ plan on​ carrying it,​ and should be carried comfortably. It's always a​ good idea to​ test a​ carrier before you​ buy it; make sure the​ shoulder straps are the​ right length and there is​ sufficient padding where it​ meets your shoulder.

Just for Fun

Once you​ have the​ important stuff in​ order,​ you​ can have lots of​ fun with styles,​ colors,​ materials,​ and patterns. Soft dog carriers come in​ a​ variety of​ materials including canvas,​ nylon,​ denim,​ and synthetic leather. you​ can find them in​ all kinds of​ styles,​ from practical to​ precious,​ and in​ just about every color possible. Designer carriers often mimic the​ styles popular in​ handbag fashions,​ so it's not hard to​ find one that suits your style.

With the​ right dog carrier,​ traveling with your pet is​ a​ breeze!

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