Dog Bites Increase In Summer Months

Dog Bites Increase In Summer Months

They're called the​ "dog days of​ summer" for good reason. According to​ the​ Emergency Nurses Association,​ dog bites increase dramatically during the​ months of​ March through September.

Every year,​ 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs and 60 percent of​ those affected are children,​ with the​ most severe injuries occurring in​ children younger than 10 years old. That adds up to​ potentially 2.8 million scars on​ children each year from dog bites alone.

Being bitten by a​ dog can be a​ particularly traumatic event for anyone - especially for a​ child. While most dog-bite injuries are reported on​ the​ arms and hands,​ children seen in​ the​ emergency room for dog bites are more likely to​ have been bitten on​ the​ face,​ neck and head. in​ fact,​ children under 10 receive 65 percent of​ the​ reported dog bites to​ the​ face. Children are also 900 times as​ likely as​ letter carriers to​ be attacked by dogs.

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