Dog Birthday 33

Dog Birthday 33

Birthday parties are fun .​
It's the​ day your coming into the​ world is​ celebrated .​
The birthday celebration includes special foods,​ songs,​ a​ cake and attractively wrapped gifts .​
When we think of​ friends and family,​ we think of​ people .​
What if​ your loved one is​ a​ dog? a​ dog is​ a​ member of​ the​ family too,​ and as​ such deserves a​ dog birthday party,​ don't you​ think?
Man's best friend is​ a​ loyal and loving creature,​ diligent in​ guarding the​ family home,​ giving love and affection when you're feeling down and out .​
Some even bring slippers and newspapers .​
Some dogs are silly but so endearing in​ their never-ending enthusiasm for chasing sticks or​ yes,​ even rocks,​ for the​ sheer pleasure of​ spending time with you​ .​
Others participate in​ Frisbee games right along with the​ rest of​ the​ family .​
The indoor dog wakes you​ at​ the​ crack of​ dawn with dog kisses just to​ show how much they love you.
Your dog asks so little in​ return for all they do for you​ .​
Pencil in​ a​ dog birthday party for this special friend and family member!
Maybe you've never planned a​ dog birthday party .​
Perhaps you​ think your dog doesn't know the​ difference between one day and the​ next and doesn't even know what a​ birthday is​ .​
Well,​ so what? Throwing a​ dog birthday party gives your dog pleasure outside of​ the​ ordinary dog day.
Just as​ you​ enjoy special foods on​ your birthday,​ so will your dog! Granted,​ your dog would enjoy treats any day of​ the​ year,​ but if​ you​ have no dog birthday celebration,​ your dog just continues to​ give and give .​
Give a​ little back.
For those of​ you​ who have never considered such an​ idea,​ here are a​ few tips on​ how to​ make the​ day a​ success.
Center your dog birthday party around a​ family barbecue .​
Today,​ throw a​ burger and a​ hot dog on​ the​ grill for your favorite dog .​
We've all seen the​ big round pleading eyes as​ we serve the​ rest of​ the​ family .​
Instead of​ having Rover sit next to​ Junior's place at​ the​ table waiting hopefully for a​ scrap,​ just give Rover some of​ the​ bounty outright.
If he likes chasing a​ Frisbee,​ go for it .​
It's his party,​ after all! Everyone can join in​ the​ fun.
Essential to​ the​ successful dog birthday celebration is​ a​ large beef bone from the​ butcher .​
This is​ dog heaven,​ it​ doesn't get any better and lasts for days!
Perhaps your dog's passion is​ a​ visit to​ the​ park to​ meet and greet other canines .​
Make a​ point to​ include this activity.
Indulge the​ dog-biscuit lover .​
Maybe,​ for just this one day,​ allow your pooch unfettered access to​ that favored sleeping spot on​ your bed .​
Make it​ a​ day of​ pure enjoyment for your loyal and loving dog .​
You'll have the​ pleasure of​ knowing this was not a​ dog day in​ the​ usual sense.

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