Dog Behavior Problems Help My Dog Is A Nuisance When He Misbehaves

Dog Behavior Problems Help My Dog Is A Nuisance When He Misbehaves

How many times have I hear fellow dog owners say,​ “I hate it​ when he barks non stop… or​ he utterly embarrassed me when he mounts people’s leg”. Dog owners usually have no problems to​ fill in​ tons of​ their dog behavioral problems into the​ above statements.

I have to​ admit that I feel disappointed,​ even sad whenever I hear dog owners say that statement. Why? Because,​ these owners have failed to​ see things from their dog’s prospective! to​ put it​ simply,​ I should say that they don’t understand their dogs at​ all.

Dogs do not misbehave because they're spiteful,​ or​ are out to​ annoy or​ anger you. They just behave in​ a​ manner which is​ expected of​ a​ dog!

The fact is​ that dog behavioral problems that we can’t stand are not problems at​ all to​ the​ dogs. in​ fact,​ do you​ know that dogs “misbehave” for a​ reason or​ two? to​ list a​ few:

1. Dogs bark because they have something to​ say,​ something to​ tell you.

2. Dogs dig because they smell something underneath the​ ground.

3. Dogs chew because they are teething and are feeling uncomfortable.

4. Dogs chase after moving objects because they are following its instinct.

5. Dogs turn aggressive because they want to​ protect you.

For your information,​ most dogs actually misbehaved (in our eyes) because of​ the​ lack of​ care,​ concern and training from their very own owners:

1. Health Issue – Many behaviorists & dog trainers believe that at​ least 20% of​ all behavior problems are related to​ the​ dog’s health in​ some way or​ another. For all that you​ might know. Your dog could be misbehaving because he is​ sick or​ in​ pain. Bring him to​ the​ vet for a​ thorough check-up if​ he misbehaves suddenly when he has always been a​ good dog.

2. Imbalance Diet – Feeding your dog the​ wrong food,​ with too high in​ protein,​ fat or​ carbohydrates is​ known to​ cause hyperactivity. Sugars,​ starches and many other factors in​ your dog’s diet can also cause behavioral problems in​ your dog. Always read the​ label of​ the​ food before you​ feed him,​ seek advice if​ necessary. Remember that dogs need different type of​ food in​ different stages of​ their life.

3. Exercise - Lack of​ exercise also cause plentiful of​ problems. a​ dog that doesn’t get enough exercise is​ unhealthy and tends to​ be hyperactive,​ and display destructive behaviors. Dogs depending on​ breed type need plentiful of​ exercises - Do consider this factor before you​ get a​ puppy.

4. Lack of​ Leadership –I can’t stress enough on​ the​ importance of​ the​ leadership issue. Dogs display TONS of​ behavioral problems when they lack a​ leader. Aggressive & destructive behaviors,​ leg lifting,​ marking,​ mounting,​ barking & etc… It’s very important that you​ assume the​ role of​ the​ alpha leader!

You must understand that all dog develop behavior problems. These dog behavior problems never develop in​ a​ vacuum. They are always the​ outcome of​ the​ interaction between a​ dog and its environment,​ including you! Most canine behavioral problems can be controlled if​ not solved completely. you​ just got to​ put in​ some effort and understand that prevention is​ better than cure.

Lastly,​ do try to​ see and comprehend things from your dog’s prospective the​ next time your dog misbehaves. You’ll soon find that you​ love him even more!

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