Dog Barks When Left Alone

Dog Barks When Left Alone

Please let me know if​ you​ have any suggestions to​ help curb a​ barking problem when we are not home. Our 2 year-old Shepherd/Chow mix rarely barks when we are home,​ but when we leave her in​ her nice pen outdoors when we are gone she yips and barks. We have tried stuffed animals and kong toy with food inside. Do we need to​ get a​ bark collar? Any other suggestions or​ info on​ the​ collars would be appreciated.

Thank you,​
Beth Nordstrom

Dear Beth:

First,​ I would try to​ figure out what is​ causing the​ dog to​ bark. it​ may be nothing more than nuisance barking. in​ which case,​ a​ bark collar would work best.

But I'd first rule out all other factors,​ such as:

- a​ neighbor's kid who may be taunting your dog.

- Lack of​ exercise/stimulation.

- Throwing a​ toy outside of​ the​ pen and then barking in​ an​ attempt to​ "make it​ come back"

- Any number of​ other factors that could be eliminated before dropping $100 on​ a​ bark collar.

I don't know what type of​ exercise regimen you've got your dog on​ now,​ but it​ probably wouldn't hurt to​ buy a​ bicycle and start taking your dog for long runs. (It's good for you,​ too!)

As for which bark collars to​ use... the​ ones that I've had the​ most success with are the​ Tri-Tronics Bark Limiter. I've tried the​ cheap yellow ones they sell at​ the​ pet stores and have found them to​ be poorly engineered,​ consistently over or​ under-correcting your dog,​ and resetting themselves too quickly.

The citronella collars are largely a​ joke. the​ get clogged and jam frequently. the​ citronella runs out. Plus,​ I'm not crazy about spraying the​ stuff in​ your dog's eyes.

That's all for now,​ folks!

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