Dog Barks Continuously While Owners Eat

Dog Barks Continuously While Owners Eat

Dear Mr. Katz,​

I have a​ two year-old female Boxer named Amber and a​ six year-old female St. Bernard named Crystal. My question is​ regarding the​ Boxer,​ Amber. Whenever my husband and I sit down to​ eat dinner,​ watch TV,​ or​ when company comes over,​ she incessantly barks at​ us. She doesn't want to​ play with her toys and nothing can distract her from this barking. We try to​ correct her in​ a​ deep tone,​ but she only gets crazier; i.e.. jumping up,​ biting our clothes. From reading your book,​ it​ seems that she needs a​ motivational correction,​ such as​ her training collar. as​ of​ now,​ we do not leave it​ on​ her,​ except for when she is​ being walked. Should she be wearing the​ collar when we are home and she's in​ the​ house at​ all times? Can you​ please make any suggestions to​ correct this behavior so when we want to​ relax or​ have guests over,​ it's pleasant. She gets plenty of​ exercise and tons of​ attention. I'm not sure what to​ do. Thanks in​ advance!!


Dear Christine:

Remember the​ section on​ the​ pinch collar? And the​ emphasis I placed on​ how you​ will teach your dog to​ become,​ "collar-smart" if​ you​ only use the​ pinch collar during walks?

Remember the​ part about consistency and how the​ dog MUST receive a​ negative association with ANY unwanted behavior? And how just saying,​ "NO!" without attaching an​ association to​ the​ word will NOT produce any results? if​ not,​ please go back and re-read... it's in​ there!

"But Adam... the​ dog has since eaten the​ book! Please just give it​ to​ me,​ plain and simple!"

Okay... here it​ is: Your dog must be wearing the​ pinch collar and the​ tab ANYTIME you​ are with her. if​ you​ were a​ canine rather than a​ human you​ wouldn't need the​ pinch collar as​ you'd just go over to​ your dog and give her a​ nip on​ the​ neck.

Let's recap: When she barks you​ need to​ tell her,​ "No!" and then give a​ firm tug on​ the​ leash. if​ she continues to​ bark,​ then either:

- Your correction didn't have any meaning to​ her...


- She's testing to​ see if​ you're going to​ correct her for barking THIS TIME just like you​ did LAST TIME. if​ your correction is​ motivational then you'll only need to​ do this two or​ three times before the​ problem stops forever.

That's all for now,​ folks!

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