Dog Agility Equipment Where Do I Begin

Dog Agility Equipment Where Do I Begin

There is​ such a​ wide selection of​ dog agility equipment,​ where do I begin? There are several factors to​ consider when making your agility equipment purchases. Two major factors are your goals and your dog.

Are your goals to​ develop a​ deeper bonding with your dog by taking agility classes together,​ having fun,​ and seeing how far you​ and your dog can progress with agility skills? Do you​ have a​ timid dog and want to​ develop confidence in​ him? or​ do you​ have a​ high drive dog and want to​ help him burn energy in​ a​ controlled manner? Do you​ want to​ do agility as​ a​ just for fun activity or​ are you​ setting your sights on​ making it​ to​ the​ nationals and becoming an​ agility instructor? All the​ previous factors are important to​ consider when purchasing your equipment.

An agility course has contact equipment,​ jumps,​ weaves,​ tunnels,​ closed tunnel,​ and possibly a​ pause table (depending on​ your agility venue). it​ would be wonderful have a​ full course of​ agility equipment in​ your backyard,​ but its not necessary to​ learn the​ sport. Contact equipment consists of​ dog-walks,​ A-frames,​ and teeters. it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ have at​ least one contact obstacle. Many people select to​ purchase a​ teeter because the​ motion often causes a​ dog hesitation. if​ you​ can't fit a​ regulation piece of​ equipment in​ your yard,​ consider an​ 8' dog-walk instead of​ a​ 12' or​ even select from mini-contact equipment that is​ available to​ train your dog on.

Jumps. you​ can never have enough single jumps,​ but you​ also might think about a​ double jump or​ triple jump. if​ you​ cannot purchase a​ double or​ triple jump,​ you​ can place two or​ three single jumps together to​ practice. Eight single jumps give you​ lots of​ drills and exercises to​ practice and interchange.

Tunnels,​ chutes,​ and tables are variations to​ add to​ your course. Tire jumps are very popular to​ have in​ backyard training. Pause tables are essential in​ our agility training program. They are our center and focal point for developing our directional commands and building distance.

Weaves,​ critical for having at​ home. the​ type of​ weave to​ purchase depends on​ your method of​ teaching. is​ your agility class using weave chutes,​ angled weaves,​ or​ straight lined weaves. if​ your instructor is​ teaching a​ specific method,​ than its easiest to​ purchase the​ same type of​ weaves. We have trained five different agility dogs,​ each with a​ different method and in​ the​ end they all have nice weaves.

There are a​ variety of​ training aids that can help you​ develop the​ behavior you​ want from your dog on​ the​ equipment. Buja boards are excellent for timid dogs that need to​ build confidence slowly. Contact trainers are great for back chaining your contact behavior,​ and they are smaller so you​ can bring them indoors for winter training also.

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