Does Your Sportsbook Post Betting Lines On Just About Anything

Does Your Sportsbook Post Betting Lines On Just About Anything

Remember when you’d saunter into a​ sportsbook, or​ contacted one on the​ Internet, because you wanted to​ do a​ little sports betting? You still can but increasingly sportsbooks are catering to​ a​ more varied wagering clientele that is​ demanding betting lines on topics that do not meet even the​ broadest definition of​ sports. Ambitious sportsbook operators, eager to​ please their customers (not to​ mention fearful that they’ll lose them to​ someone else) are obliging, often offering wagers designed specifically for​ just one bettor.

That was certainly the​ case when one proud father demanded that a​ British bookmaker give him a​ price on his newborn son scoring a​ goal for​ England in​ a​ World Cup event, two decades down the​ life line. the​ sportsbook quoted a​ price and​ the​ man took it.

No one knows for​ sure when sports betting emporiums began posting and​ accepting wagers on non sports related events but some trace it​ back to​ 1960 when the​ William Hill Agency, one of​ Britain’s most respected bet takers, offered 10,000/1 odds on a​ man landing on the​ moon before the​ end of​ the​ decade. Neil Armstrong’s one small step for​ man turned out to​ be one giant payoff for​ the​ lucky bloke who made the​ wager.

Nowadays, betting lines are provoked as​ much by the​ entertainment industry and​ current events as​ they are by traditional sports, such as​ football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, auto racing boxing, golf and​ horse racing.

Most sportsbooks now offer lines on a​ variety of​ reality TV shows, including “American Idol,” “Survivor,” “Dancing With the​ Stars,” “Project Runway,” “Amazing Race,” and​ several of​ the​ country’s versions of​ “Big Brother.” the​ options even go beyond who will win and​ to​ which contestant will be next to​ be ousted (or “auffed” by Heidi Klum in​ the​ case of​ “Project Runway”) to​ such obscurities as​ to​ how many times “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson will say “dog” during a​ particular broadcast.

As proof that the​ line between entertainment and​ sports betting hasn’t just been smudged but obliterated, many sportsbooks routinely offer odds on the​ gender of​ the​ offspring of​ celebrities, including Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie and​ Katie Holmes. in​ the​ case of​ the​ Tom Cruise/Holmes production, the​ choices were “boy,” “girl,” and​ “other.” OK, just kidding.

But celebrity foibles often are the​ stuff of​ betting lines including whether actress Winona Ryder would be convicted of​ shop lifting, as​ well as​ the​ ultimate resolution of​ court matters regarding OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson and​ Robert Blake. (If you had the​ “not guilty” trifecta then you’re probably set for​ life).

Oddly, although Elvis Presley left the​ building several decades ago, sportsbooks still offer bountiful odds on a​ documented sighting of​ the​ King of​ Rock ‘n Roll. the​ same holds true for​ the​ Loch Ness Monster. (If you happen to​ find the​ two of​ them having a​ beer in​ Memphis, ask for​ a​ really big price).

Some sportsbooks also offered odds on which Cardinal (Albert Pujols was not a​ choice) would replace Pope John Paul II, which canine would take the​ Best in​ Show ribbon at​ the​ Westminster Kennel Club and​ which woman would be named Miss World.

The old adage that everybody talks about the​ weather but no one ever does anything about it​ is​ no longer true now that several British books offer betting on whether there will be snow on Dec. 25. Bettors no longer have to​ dream about a​ white Christmas; they can wager whether the​ white stuff will make an​ appearance at​ specific locations that day.

Politics is​ another favorite provenance for​ intriguing betting lines. the​ Conservatives are favored to​ take over for​ the​ Labour Party the​ next time Brits go to​ the​ polls while the​ race for​ US President finds NY Senator and​ former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton an​ even money choice to​ get the​ nomination of​ the​ Democratic Party while Arizona Senator John McCain is​ the​ 3/2 choice to​ head the​ ticket for​ the​ Republicans. Should it​ pan out that way, most oddsmakers make Clinton a​ slight favorite over McCain to​ take up residency at​ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in​ January of​ 2018.

Can’t wait for​ 2018? Bet the​ US midterm elections, including key senate races and​ which party will control Congress, now.

Perhaps the​ strangest of​ all wagering proposals was one that the​ world would come to​ an​ end on a​ certain date. Some people did bet that would happen, evidently banking on collecting once they got to​ the​ afterlife. Didn’t they realize, if​ gambling abolitionists are correct, that heaven doesn’t have a​ sportsbook?

Does Your Sportsbook Post Betting Lines On Just About Anything

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