Does Your Insurance Company Want You

Does Your Insurance Company Want You

Does Your Insurance Company Want You
Is it​ better to​ be loyal to​ your auto insurance company or​ yourself? Does it​ pay to​ stay with the​ same company for a​ long time or​ not? When it​ comes to​ auto insurance these days,​ if​ you​ are with the​ same company for over a​ year,​ then your more than likely being treated like yesterdays success .​
When I​ say yesterdays success I​ mean,​ your agent usually doesn’t have time to​ focus on​ old business,​ instead they are hungry looking for new auto insurance policies to​ write .​
There are multiple reasons why it​ pays to​ be willing to​ pack up and leave for the​ next good deal!

First off,​ did you​ know that most companies have a​ discount for new customers? They entice you​ to​ stay by lowering that discount each year,​ in​ hopes of​ gaining loyalty in​ the​ meantime .​
Isn’t this backwards? Shouldn’t they be lowering the​ rate each year for being loyal and staying with them?
Then there are all the​ really old customers out there with low deductibles .​
Once again the​ agent didn’t have time to​ review deductibles and educate how much money could be saved by raising them even a​ few hundred dollars .​
Think of​ your policy .​
When was the​ last time your agent called to​ make sure you​ were happy with your coverage?

What about credit and your auto insurance policy .​
This topic has raised more controversy than any when it​ comes to​ auto insurance .​
If you​ have been with the​ same company for a​ long time,​ this area is​ far too often costing the​ customer hundreds of​ dollars .​
I​ have even seen where up to​ date Insurance scores have saved thousands per year!

The list could go on​ and on​ forever why you​ will save by being a​ new customer .​
Let me sum it​ all up for you​ in​ simplified terms .​
Insurance companies are literally fighting for your business now days .​
Competition does one simple thing,​ saves you​ money .​
The same companies have become far too comfortable with there loyal customers .​
Wake them up .​
Comparison shop to​ get better prices .​

Take advantage of​ the​ competition .​
Get quotes from multiple companies and let them start competing for your business .​
If your interested in​ an​ excellent source to​ get quotes from multiple companies with one simple process,​ then click on​ the​ highlighted text .​
Otherwise shop around wherever you​ feel comfortable .​
Take my advice though,​ and your going to​ be surprised how much you​ can save.

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