Does Your Dog Really Need A Bed

Does Your Dog Really Need A Bed

You bring your cute,​ fun loving puppy home for the​ first time so of​ course you​ want your dog to​ sleep with you. After all he's furry warm and snuggly. But in​ all honesty this is​ not the​ best thing to​ do for you​ or​ your dog. you​ really need a​ dog bed and to​ establish the​ correct behavior at​ the​ outset.

Sure it’s fine now but when your dog grows to​ it’s full size at​ 100 lb,​ will it​ be such fun? if​ you​ adopted a​ dog from the​ pound it​ may actually prefer it’s own place. Your dog may want somewhere to​ feel secure and safe.

There are medical reasons too. if​ you​ get your dog used to​ sleeping in​ one spot he’s less likely to​ sleep on​ the​ floor or​ another hard surface which can cause arthritis and calluses in​ later years. Starting out correctly can help keep your dog fit and healthy. They even make orthopedic dog beds now to​ help address this very issue!!

Now that we have established that a​ dog bed is​ essential,​ what type do you​ get? it​ depends on​ your dog and his preferences. Make sure the​ bed is​ big enough for your dog. Even if​ it’s a​ perfect fit for your house and matched the​ decor,​ its really important that your dog can lay down in​ the​ bed. if​ not then the​ dog bed will never be used.

Next on​ the​ list of​ requirements is​ probably a​ chew proof bed,​ especially for puppies. There are multiple styles of​ dog bed,​ such as​ indoor or​ outdoor,​ heated or​ not,​ travel or​ car beds and as​ previously mentioned orthopedic beds for the​ older dog. Select one that fits your dogs needs and lifestyle.

Some things to​ consider are that the​ bed is​ totally machine washable. Both your dog and the​ bed are going to​ get dirty so you’ll be washing both regularly – though not at​ the​ same time! Fleas are a​ major consideration too and cedar shavings can help stop them becoming permanent residents.

Take a​ little time and put in​ a​ little effort into selecting the​ ideal dog bed and both you​ and your dog will get a​ great nights sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the​ new day!

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