Does Your Child Need Childrens Vitamins

Does your child need childrens vitamins?
This question has been has been tormenting parents all over the​ world. Yet,​ there are no easy answers to​ it. the​ American Academy of​ Pediatrics AAPsays that a​ diet based on​ the​ Food Guide Pyramid provides adequate amounts of​ all the​ vitamins a​ child needs. But then,​ there are a​ lot of​ other factors that decide whether your child is​ getting adequate amounts of​ vitamins,​ such as​ the​ childs eating habits,​ composition and quality of​ the​ diets,​ etc.
One important thing to​ note here is​ that the​ quality of​ most foods available now has declined. the​ only good ones available now are organically grown food. Just look at​ these figures the​ amount of​ calcium in​ broccoli has fallen by a​ whopping 50 per cent,​ the​ iron content in​ watercress is​ down by a​ steep 88 per cent,​ the​ vitamin C in​ cauliflower has fallen by a​ huge 40 per cent. . . You may not be giving your child the​ usual fare of​ refined food spiked with sugar and fat and carbohydrates. Yet,​ there is​ no guarantee that he or​ she is​ getting her required daily dose of​ childrens vitamins.
Still experts disagree much on​ this subject of​ childrens vitamins. the​ AAP advises giving your child a​ vitamin supplement only if​ your pediatrician recommends it. That is​ because most of​ the​ daily foods are fortified. However,​ the​ AAP acknowledges that a​ daily dose of​ childrens vitamins wont hurt your child unless it​ exceeds the​ recommended daily allowance for any vitamin or​ mineral. Also,​ such a​ daily dose of​ childrens vitamins help fill in​ any gaps in​ a​ childs nutrition,​ and also helps children who are sensitive to​ certain foods. What is​ to​ be borne in​ mind here is​ that childrens vitamins cannot replace good food. They can only supplement your childs food. if​ your child is​ not eating well,​ you should not only give him childrens vitamin supplements but also take steps to​ improve his eating habits and his diet.
Oh yes,​ there is​ one more reason why you should be giving your children a​ proper diet. Recent research says diet and behavior are interlinked. the​ Appleton Central Alternative High School replaced vending machines with water coolers and started offering fresh vegetables,​ fruits,​ wholegrain bread and a​ salad bar in​ place of​ the​ hamburgers and french fries. the​ result No longer does a​ police officer patrol the​ schools hallways,​ there is​ no vandalism,​ there is​ no litter.
Go for foodbased childrens vitamins
Now comes the​ important question. What kind of​ childrens vitamin should you give your child? You should start with a​ foodbased vitamin. No questions about that. Synthetic vitamins are out. Scientists and doctors now prefer to​ use natural vitamins. This is​ where glyconutritionals come in. They are foods and nutritional supplements that provide saccharides along with other glycoforms essential to​ the​ body. Glyconutritional blends are made from fruits and vegetables and contain the​ essential vitamins,​ minerals,​ and other vital nutrients,​ and provide support for the​ bodys immune system.
The saccharides in​ glyconutritionals are necessary for proper celltocell communication and helps keep the​ bodys glands and organs functioning well. They also help the​ immune system and the​ endocrine system in​ top order,​ and the​ body in​ optimal health.
Worried about how you will make your child swallow all those pills? Well,​ childrens vitamins and nutritional supplements now come as​ delicious,​ multicolored,​ flavored,​ chewable tablets. Your children will eat them up just as​ they eat up the​ junk foods and candies!

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