Does Google Really Hate SE Os

Does Google Really Hate SE Os

After reading a​ couple of​ recent articles,​ some directly saying that Google hates SEO's and others being more stealthy in​ their aspersions,​ the​ question has to​ be asked. Does Google really hate SEO's?

Well in​ this authors humble opinion,​ No! Google does not hate SEO's,​ or​ at​ least search engine optimisation performed by ethical SEO companies - what would be the​ point?

Sure make life difficult for people trying to​ manipulate the​ search engine results,​ but in​ terms of​ hating an​ industry,​ I would have to​ draw the​ line short of​ that (although perhaps some of​ our less industrious spam-friendly friends may need their wings clipping somewhat).

To be brutally honest,​ I can see no reason for Google,​ or​ any other search engine,​ to​ hate SEO's. Search engine optimisation,​ I would suggest,​ is​ one of​ the​ key reasons why search engines have become as​ effective as​ they currently are in​ refining their results.

We search engine marketeers,​ at​ the​ end of​ the​ day,​ want our campaigns to​ work and rely heavily on​ a​ ROI focussed service. For this reason,​ all aspects of​ the​ marketing mix have to​ be working in​ synergy,​ so relevance and targeting are fundamental aspects of​ all our campaigns. Essentially,​ this is​ what Google wants - good quality,​ relevant results.

Google have also provided a​ wealth of​ tools,​ aimed at​ providing marketeers and potential marketeers with sufficient information to​ promote their sites - whether it​ be guidelines,​ webmaster tools,​ API access or​ blogs. Surely such activity is​ a​ clear indication of​ support and not a​ case of​ trying to​ minimise the​ effect of​ would be search engine marketeers.

Above all,​ most search engine marketing agencies don't just offer SEO,​ they offer paid search (PPC) as​ well. Surely if​ the​ search engines annoy these agencies by attacking SEO,​ they run the​ risk of​ affecting paid search spend. Google,​ Yahoo and MSN work very closely with agencies as​ regards their paid search campaigns,​ so it​ is​ logical to​ assume that to​ alienate the​ SEO activity of​ an​ agency would surely impact on​ paid search as​ well. Too much of​ a​ financial risk I would have thought!

Ultimately,​ the​ question "Does Google really hate SEO's?" boils down to​ one key factor. What commercial benefits could there possibly be in​ curtailing SEO activity?

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