Dodge Magnum Rt 2018 Car Review

Dodge Magnum Rt 2018 Car Review

The new Magnum is​ a​ great looking car that will get your neighbors talking as​ you rumble around the block. The unique styling of​ the Magnum will also attract gawkers in​ the form of​ 18-22 year old guys pointing for their friends to​ “check that out”. And a​ few people will approach you as​ you are filling up the gas tank to​ ask, “Does it​ really have a​ Hemi?”, with only a​ vague notion that it​ somehow makes the car better.

The Magnum is​ offered with many different engine sizes (either a​ 6-cylinder or​ 8-cylinder) with your choice of​ horsepower output of​ 190, 250, 340 and 425. The price of​ the vehicle also corresponds with the engine size starting at​ $30,345 to​ the expensive STR-8 model for $37,320. a​ big part of​ the mystique around this car is​ the Hemi engine. The Hemi is​ short for hemispherical combustion chamber, which creates more efficient fuel burning and allows larger valves for better airflow. Basically, it​ produces more power than an​ engine with its displacement would normally produce. (There are also drawbacks to​ the Hemi, which is​ why it​ isn’t the only engine that Chrysler produces).

The interior of​ the car looks much more expensive than you’d expect for the price of​ the Magnum. Since Mercedes bought Chrysler, the Dodge vehicles I’ve sampled have had a​ sharp improvement in​ interior quality. While on the road, the car is​ very solid and the seats are comfortable even on long highway runs.

As much as​ I like the looks, after driving it​ a​ while I really have to​ question the design concept that the Magnum offers. it​ is​ a​ station wagon built to​ transport a​ lot of​ people and a​ lot of​ stuff. But mating this with a​ powerful engine with the taught racing-like suspension is​ uncomfortable for both. it​ is​ like having a​ Corvette tow a​ small trailer, and you are in​ the trailer and the Corvette driver is​ 15 years-old, pushing the car to​ its limits. (Only an​ actual Corvette has a​ much more comfortable suspension than the Magnum). Even driving on smooth roads, the steering is​ very darty and difficult to​ control. And with a​ large car, all that weaving and road feedback is​ exaggerated for the passengers and everything you’ve stored in​ the back.

I like having a​ navigation system, but figuring out how to​ use it​ with the steering wheel controls made me frequently refer to​ the user’s manual. in​ spite of​ the high horsepower and low-end torque I played with when starting from a​ full stop, the RT model I drove averaged 20 MPG on the higway.

What I presume to​ be the target market for this car, those 18-22 year-old guys that I mentioned, will probably love this car. And as​ much as​ I love driving sports cars, the darty steering and sharp suspension make it​ too uncomfortable without any spectacular payoff. The 0-60 sprint is​ fun for a​ little while, but I’d pass on buying a​ Magnum as​ a​ daily driving vehicle.

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