Do You Know What The Best Antiaging Skin Care Product Is

Do You Know What The Best Antiaging Skin Care Product Is

Do you know what the​ best Antiaging Skin Care Product is?
While searching for the​ worlds best anti aging skin care product I ​ found myself traveling to​ the​ mountains of​ the​ Swiss Alps,​ the​ jungles of​ Africa,​ the​ caves of​ Egypt. ​
All the​ while in​ the​ ed my discover was on​ so simply yet incredible it​ was more then I ​ had bargained for.
Green Tea as​ an Antiaging product?
Who knew that in​ one cup you could possess something that can prevent heart disease,​ gum diseases,​ help you lose weight and​ even cure cancer? the​ claims against green tea are bold,​ so what can it​ do in​ terms of​ an antiaging skin care product? Its an ancient drink that has been used as​ health food for all the​ benefits mentioned above and​ more.
Green tea has a​ high content of​ polyphenols. ​
Polyphenols while in​ some plants contribute to​ the​ color of​ leaves during fall and​ autumn,​ in​ tea they act as​ an antioxidant. ​
Helping to​ prevent cardio vascular disease and​ cancer. ​

The Polypheols in​ green tea which give it​ antiaging properties are known as​ catechins. ​
Catechins make up almost 25% of​ the​ volume of​ a​ dried tea leaf. ​
For comparison one cup of​ green tea will provide you with 1040 mg of​ polyphenols which is​ more then a​ full serving of​ broccoli.
It turns out that green teas actually do help with skin care and​ the​ prospect of​ having healthy,​ youngerlooking skin. ​
There are polyphenols in​ tea that do a​ lot of​ the​ work and​ these are generally called catechins. ​
These catechins perform the​ bulk of​ the​ work and​ believe me,​ there are a​ lot of​ different catechins in​ tea,​ especially green tea. ​
In fact,​ green tea has almost 20 times the​ amount of​ catechins in​ it​ as​ black tea.
Tea increases the​ antioxidant quality of​ your skin and​ even your blood by allowing it​ to​ take on​ more oxygen and​ breathe easier,​ so naturally the​ higher amount of​ polyphenols you have working for you the​ greater antioxidant quality your skin has. ​
it​ sounds like an unorthodox method in​ terms of​ skin care,​ especially in​ a​ market filled with creams and​ lotions and​ serums,​ but it​ is​ possible that the​ best antiaging skin care product out there is​ something you drink.
Further Research
While I ​ continued to​ research antiaging skin care products,​ I ​ was overwhelmed with the​ vast number of​ commercial creams,​ and​ lotions available. ​
We are on​ a​ quest for the​ perfect product to​ reverse signs of​ aging,​ when really the​ best weapon we​ have to​ fight it​ is​ free. ​
We should be using our knowledge and​ education on​ the​ topic to​ our advantage before we​ run out to​ purchase the​ latest fifty dollar jar of​ cream. ​
The best weapon against aging is​ in​ fact our knowledge.

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