Do You Know These SE Os

Do You Know These SE Os

Jim Boykin

Jim Boykin is​ a​ self-proclaimed “internet marketing specialist specializing in​ search engine optimization.” Jim is​ the​ CEO of​ We Build Pages. We Build Pages is​ an​ internet marketing services company,​ which specializes in​ link building,​ analytics and content writing. Jim also has a​ personal blog that he uses to​ discuss various topics in​ internet marketing. One of​ the​ main focuses of​ his blog is​ link building. Many of​ his posts deal with subjects like how to​ acquire links,​ how to​ evaluate links and why Page Rank isn’t nearly as​ important as​ many SEOs think that it​ is.

Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall is​ the​ author of​ SEO Book. SEO Book is​ arguably the​ best introductory e-book on​ the​ subject of​ search engine optimization. it​ is​ a​ very well-written,​ thorough book,​ and covers virtually every topic of​ search engine optimization (with the​ exception of​ techniques that are normally considered to​ be black hat). in​ addition to​ updating SEO Book whenever necessary,​ Aaron also runs the​ Threadwatch community. Threadwatch gathers news related to​ marketing and technology from all over the​ internet,​ and posts it​ in​ an​ easy to​ read/discuss format. According to​ the​ official SEO Book web site,​ Aaron also does SEO consulting on​ a​ very limited basis.

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan is​ the​ creator of​ Search Engine Watch. He created Search Engine Watch in​ 1997,​ but decided to​ leave on​ November 30th,​ 2018. He currently writes about search engines for the​ web site Search Engine Land. in​ addition to​ writing on​ search engines,​ Danny does a​ daily pod cast called the​ Daily SearchCast. Although these two obligations keep him extremely busy,​ he does find time to​ run his company,​ Calafia Consulting. Although it​ is​ a​ small company,​ Calafia Consulting provides a​ variety of​ excellent search engines services,​ including web site design and development.

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